Apple granted patent on MacBook Air

Apple granted patent on MacBook Air

Summary: Apple has been granted what appears to be a very broad design patent covering the distinctive look of the MacBook Air.


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  • Patenting shapes?

    What's next??? Google will patent the Circle, Microsoft the Square, and Oracle the Triangle? A little too broad of a patent grant IMHO.
    • Details, Details!

      I've not read the patent, but if it does not include EXACT angles, radii, etc, then it's bogus and broad. What manufacturer makes a square cornered computing device? Can anyone give a GOOD reason for this patent?
      Bruce Lang
      • They did it just to piss off some guy named Bruce Lang...

        On a more serious note... Let me see if I understand this... You are asking for details, details... So... You want to read someone elses details about the patent and are to lazy to go read it yourself? Do you also want someone else to sleep with your girlfrind so they can tell you how good she was? Makes about as much sense....
      • It's a design patent

        There's nothing to read. Everything is in the gallery at the end of the blog posting.
        Mister Bear
      • Geeed

        Yea Greed pinch a quarter inch and deny it to everyone else wahaha now if someone DARES to slant anything Apple will sue!
  • Just silly..

    There are already other, and were before Apple created the Mac Book Air, similarly shaped devices 'out there' are the people granting patents braindead? And with Apples tendency to litigate.. let the games begin! Microsoft could probably patent the 'Window'... imagine the royalties they could get!
  • Feathered Edge shape

    I have a fence a bit like this shape, made of feathered edge panels.

    Also seen in aeroplane wings too - LOL.

    Other than that, vague laptop like shapes, that could be anything.
  • Design vs concept?

    Looks like more of a design copyright issue rather than a unique process. I hope the Copyright/Patent Office gets it straight.
  • Nuts

    Check out the other story from ZDNet about laptop sightings at Computex. White laptops from ASUS and Sony with a wedge shaped keyboard and a rectangular hinged display. How can you patent this? I expect a redux of Apple vs. Samsung.
    • You're right...

      The MBA design was such common sense that it was done all the time before Apple came out with wait...

      Come on folks, the design of the MBA was so innovative that it caused the PC industry to come up with a completely new class of laptop...<echo>the Ultrabook!</echo>.

      If HP had designed the MBA and patented it and then Apple came along and blatantly copied it, everyone would have their panties in a bunch because Apple copied them.
      • Not quite

        Follow the money.

        You think manufacturers were not trying to make notebooks lighter and thinner? Even before the MBA was released, the technology for making thin and light Windows laptops was available, but the costs were too high.

        Apple was the first one to make an Ultabook (the MBA) because they have no competition (no other OS-X devices) and charge a premium price. Any Windows PC vendor releasing a device like this at the same time would have been drowning in red ink as customers bought cheaper devices from competitors.

        I've heard that Apple didn't make their usual profit margins on these early devices, but they made up for it with other sales. I even read reports at the time where so-called experts guessed that Apple either broke even or lost money on each early MBA they sold. The typical profit margin for Windows-based PC manufacturers is miniscule compared to Apple. Plus, the other manufacturers don't have other high-profit-margin items to take up the slack.

        Recently, the price of the technology has dropped to the point that Windows PC vendors can get into the market.
  • Patients for sale?

    What? You think government employees can't be bought? Apple has plenty of money. Maybe someone should start checking the bank accounts of those who are issuing those patients to Apple.
  • When Steve Jobs held up the Manila envelope

    ...then open it to pull out the first MacBook Air everyone was amazed because it was a one of a kind; a first. It is ok to protect your innovative design.
    • Wahaha

      As if that is worth a patent!