Apple responds to 'Antennagate'

Apple responds to 'Antennagate'

Summary: Apple is holding a press conference to explain what they're going to do about antenna problems with their iPhone 4G.

TOPICS: Apple, 4G, iPhone, Smartphones

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Topics: Apple, 4G, iPhone, Smartphones

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  • RE: Apple responds to 'Antennagate'

    Really? "It's not just us!" is not an acceptable answer as to why bridging the antenna's gap causes signal loss.

    This isn't "covering the antenna." This is bad design.
  • Is Apple losing "the magic"?

    When your product can't speak for itself, slam the other guy's product, and I'm surprised Apple took this aproach.

    Has the "magic" gone away?
    John Zern
    • Does that apply....

      @John Zern

      To Verizon and Droid slamming the iPhone then? ;-)
      • So . . .


        Steve should take the low road because everyone else is doing it?
      • I'm saying that Apple's response

        in the past is to treat these things as non-issues, not even worthy of mention.

        Today he's on stage, press conference lined up, ect.

        They neber needed to do this in the past.
        John Zern
  • But Steve, you claimed that Apple is better than everyone else.

    Guess you were lying huh?
  • "Only" .55% called us about the problem..

    Based on sales of 2 million units, that's 10,000 calls; and that's just the number who actually picked up the phone to call you about it!
    • RE: Apple responds to 'Antennagate'

      @trickytom2 <br><br>personal experience in support call centers tells me that only around 5% of people who have the problem actually call about it. i'm sure this varies, but it is never a large percentage that calls, most ignore it and wait for the fix to be delivered.<br><br>based on 5%, with 0.55%, that means that around 11% of iPhone 4 users experience this problem.<br><br>i support a client who has several iPhones on their corporate account, a piece of scotch tape does work around the issue, and the good quality scotch tape is nearly invisible if carefully applied.<br><br>while it works, i still consider it only a work around, though i doubt Apple will actually fix the design flaw in the current model. it's an easy work around, and outside of this specific issue, the iPhone 4 has been the best iPhone so far, though the client still keeps the blackberry/verizon phones hidden close by to really communicate.

      i'm actually looking forward to my client getting the iPhone 5 when it comes out, which i suspect will not have this design flaw.

      --- edit to correct spelling
    • RE: Apple responds to 'Antennagate'

      @trickytom2 ...and could get a signal.
  • Apple - the Drama Queen of the Computer Industry

    Get over yourselves already.
  • Steve is our exalted leader. You should respect him.

    Steve gave us an anwser that we his legion of Apple devotees will accept without much further questions and so will the screaming herd of easily pacified blog tech reviewers.

    Now, let's move on and start to enjoy this fantastic,life transforming, religiously inspiring, magical device-the Iphone.
  • RE: Apple responds to 'Antennagate'

    I sure get a laugh out of all you PC's! I guess 'Antennagate' was only fun while it was Apple's problem. Now that everyone knows that the problem is industry wide, it's not the same. Losers.
    • Funny how this problem wasn't "industry wide"...


      until Steve Jobs said it was. Just more proof that whatever Steve Jobs says you Mac Idiots will nod and agree in zombie like fashion.
    • RE: Apple responds to 'Antennagate'


      How is it industry wide, when we can hold our phones any other way and still not have dropped calls? I am not against Apple, but please stop drinking the Kool Aid. Please show us some hard stats showing that this is an industry wide issue. Just because Steve Jobs says it is, does not make it so.