Apple WWDC 2012: What can we expect?

Apple WWDC 2012: What can we expect?

Summary: From hardware to software, and all things shiny, Apple WWDC is the company's opportunity to show off to the world what it has to offer for the year ahead.


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  • Notifications will keep you in the loop on things you need to know and when, including software updates, birthdays and who wants to get in contact with you. It will likely include a "do not disturb" feature to prevent important meetings from being interrupted.

  • With the increased iOS-ification of Apple's desktop and laptop operating system, we are already seeing more applications porting from the iOS platform to OS X.

    This includes: a new Reminders application to keep track of what you need to do and when, a Notes application to keep your lists simple and e-scraps of paper together, and a Game Center to keep all of your games in one simple-to-use place, just as it is on your iPhone or iPad.

  • The part music player, part content store is expected to receive a much-needed update in the coming release of iTunes 11. Since iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match were launched, the current version of iTunes has grown rapidly. It could even be included in iCloud, some reports suggest, though some believe otherwise.

    iTunes manages your iOS devices. While iPhones, iPads and iPods are all backed up, iOS devices may also have their applications and game settings and data backed up with it. Some even suggested the music player could be redesigned from the ground up, resulting in a cleaner interface with less clutter, and greater flexibility over what one does.

    iTunes would have to pull its weight if it is to offer its services on Apple TV, or even an Apple television set. Plus, with a new OS X version, it's only reasonable to include a brand new version of its flagship software with it.

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  • "Worlds most advanced mobile operating system"

    Any proof to back up that claim? Or just more marketing bullshit from the corporate bully of the tech industry.
    • Anyone can say anything...

      ...doesn't mean it's true. "The SCO Group" had a CEO that claimed Linux was stolen from their version of Unix, that they were proven not to own, but the hype drove the stock way up for a while.

      Apple fanbois chirp endlessly that Apple is self-driven and is not influenced by competitor products...nobody operates in a vaccum on the earth even if some people try to push that message.
    • Agree....

      I agree w/ you on that completely....
    • "The" corporate bully?

      Yeah, though Apple is any more a bully than the Redmond company from whom it learned its bullying lessons all too well.

      I'm not defending Apple. They've lost any claim they might have had to any moral high ground on the subject of respect for intellectual property. But singling them out as "the" corporate bully of the tech industry, as though they have some kind of lock on that kind of reprehensible behavior, demonstrates a prejudicially and determinedly cultivated lack of perspective.
  • Facebook integration???

    Seriously, most people I know are letting their facebook accounts go dormant. There is ever increasing amount of spam and scams on the site. Privacy issues all over the show. A class action lawsuit regarding the IPO, and a stock price on the slide.

    And Apple are talking about integrating at the OS level.

    This reminds me of Microsofts approach to Windows 8 to make it like the iPad.

    This is a new direction for Apple, and a wrong one in my opinion. The reason that facebook was never integrated whilst Twitter was is probably down to Jobs saying "Not a f**king chance".

    Now he is out of the picture, you just have half beans jumping on the latest buzzword to include in the marketing tick list...

    "Facebook integration" - It screams on the blurb sheet.

    "F**k that then" - Says the potential customer.
    • Guilty by association

      "Seriously, most people I know are letting their facebook accounts go dormant."

      Ditto that. I mean, ever since Mr. Zuckerberg's open and unabashed disdain for Facebook users became a matter of public knowledge, most of the folks I know who have any self-esteem have bailed out...including me. From my perspective, having a Facebook account is tantamount to admitting that I enjoy having my personal information monetized and my privacy abused by someone who thinks I'm an idiot for letting him do it. And if I continued to do so, he'd be right. Well, he's wrong.
  • iOS 6, Apple TV, Macbook...maybe iPhone 5....

    Doubtful on iPhone 5...

    But the Apple TV, I mean a REAL TV...that would be another punch in Ballmer's fat gut.
    • Yes, just like the Pippin totally dominated over the X-Box

      Oh wait... that didn't happen!

      Back in reality, Apple going into the TV business would be an unsuccessful mudfight against entrenched hardware companies that already have great products at smaller margins. Trying to convince the public to pay double just for an OS on a TV is ridiculous.
      • No apple Tv

        I agree, TV refreshes happen every 7 to 10 years. Its not the kind of business where Apple can make incremental upgrades for their throngs to praise the lord and buy the next iTV. Its simply not apple's style. Its more likely there will be a newer AppleTV unit which can also run iOS apps.
  • IOS6 to run on the iPhone 3GS

    As it's stil a current phone, albeit a cheap entry level one, IOS6 support for the iPhone 3GS is a must.

    It will also p155 in the face of Nokia Lumia 900 users unable to take an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 in the fall.............
    • Who says?

      Who has published information stating current Windows Phone devices, including the Nokia Lumia 900, will not receive the Windows Phone 8 update this fall? I'd like a link.