Apple's double-sided fullscreen/touchpanel patent application

Apple's double-sided fullscreen/touchpanel patent application

Summary: Images from Apple's double-sided fullscreen/touchpanel patent application

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, Legal

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Topics: Apple, Hardware, Legal

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  • oh hey.. another obvious patent.. throw it out please.

  • All patents must die [nt]

    • I think Patents and copywrites should be re-written

      to focus on society's and or the consumers needs while protecting the owner/
      inventor. I think if you create something you SHOULD be rewarded and "IF" that
      invention or creation is viewed by society as HUGE you should be rewarded in a huge
      way. But it's gone way to far in one direction to the harm of society and the
      consumer. There should be a balance in the mix.

      Pagan jim
  • I wish there were a control device based upon using... FEET. Then I could use both my hands for more useful things, like holding my cup of coffee and my smoke.
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool
  • Huh?

    A keyboard with two "V" keys but no key for "D"? Somebody screw up with the application or is somebody having you guys on?
  • Don't make me laugh...

    I don't see this obvious patent happen...

    Tore off the patent application, NOW!

    Apple deserves a loser when it comes to filing a patent like this...

    I'd like to see a similar design for Windows Mobile 6.0 Pocket PC Phones, so why not get rid of the dumb patent? Well, maybe I won't see this happen, but who knows?
    Grayson Peddie