Apps for Academia

Apps for Academia

Summary: Not just for students, but anyone in academia should consider these resources.


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  • Name: Amazon Student

    Maker: AMZN Mobile LLC

    Compatibility: Android 2.1+/ Apple iOS

    Looking for a particular book or resource? This is a handy app for quick access to the Amazon marketplace, including price-checks, trade-in deals and shipping discounts. 

    A handy barcode feature integrated within the app allows you to scan a barcode to perform a price-check, see if there are any copies of an item in stock, or for trade-in purposes.

    Source: Google Play

  • Name: GoodReader

    Maker: Good.iWare

    Compatibility: iPad. Requires iOS 4.0

    This $4.99 app turns your iPad device in to an excellent reader for PDF files and several other formats:  

    • MS Office : .doc, .ppt., .xls
    • HTML and Safari webarchives
    • High resolution images
    • Audio and video.

    Not only can you review files, but it is possible to mark-up PDFs using typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings. Once you have read or manipulated a file, GoodReader can then be synced with other devices and services including Dropbox and FTP for transfers. Annotate, read, transfer, search and manage your files easily -- making this a top contender for one of the most valuable productivity apps currently available.  

    Source: App store

  • Name: Penultimate

    Maker: Cocoa Box Design

    Compatibility: iPad. Requires iOS 3.2

    At a cost of $0.99, this application is designed to function as a handy 'notepad' app for drawing, note taking, cutting, copying, editing and pasting information. If you're annotating, then it is possible to use different coloured 'inks' in order to arrange and highlight your pages. What sets this app apart is the fact you can also share your work through email -- sending it via email or as an attached PDF file.

    Source: App store

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