Asteroid of doom - or maybe not

Asteroid of doom - or maybe not

Summary: Reports of catastophe caused by a killer asteroid in 2040. But how much of a threat really is it?

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • An 460 foot wide asteroid is making the rounds over the Internet as a potential threat to Earth in 2040. Headlines like: "Asteroid Threat: Why do they hate us," "Asteroids facing unvarying barrage of high-speed impacts," and "Armegeddon 2040." But NASA says hold on.

    Asteroid 2011 AG5 was discovered in January 2011 using a telescope at the summit of Mt. Lemon north of Tucson, Az. Currently, the asteroid cannot be tracked until 2013 due to its position in the daytime sky.

    The orbit of asteroid 2011 AG5 carries it beyond the orbit of Mars to halfway between Earth and Venus. It is expected to pass no closer to Earth than 1 million miles in 2023 and 10.4 millon miles in 2028. The Earth's orbit should change it's orbit slightly giving it a super-slim chance of hitting the Earth on Feb. 5, 2040.

    In this gallery, we'll look at the chances of Asteroid 2011 hitting Earth and how space agencies are tracking it.

    Image credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech/NEOPO

  • Photoshop-created images like this one have spread across the Internet. NASA says the asteroid has a 1 in 650 chance to hit the Earth. Sounds possible but when you figure that's a 0.15 percentage chance.

    If it does have a chance to strike Earth, potential solutions such as nuclear bombs or attaching a weight to one side of it to adjust its orbit have been proposed. Maybe we should watch Armageddon again.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • 80-miles wide???????

    The picture of the Meteor Crater in Arizona is captioned by a ridiculous claim that the asteroid was about 80-miles wide. Folks who research their claims a tad better than Andy Smith think that it was about 150 feet wide. Shame on you Mr. Smith.
  • We would say thanks to Iran to join nuclear club

    Everything has its purpose. It is not understandable why we created so many nuclear war heads.
  • Mayan Calendar says date is Dec 21 2012.....

    Zombies, Natural Desasters, Alien Atacks, global pandemic, pigs flying, fire and brimstone. That why you need to stock up on survivor kits, canned food, water. Dont for get the shotguns and crossbows...

    All fun and games aside. The world is geting tough as it is for people to get by. It's goning to be exponentialy more tough for todays children and their children. They probably end up in a MAD MAX like world if things don't get better soon.
  • There's another one making it's rounds too...

    2012 DA14, a 197 ft. whopper discovered last month, it's apparently going to shave a few hairs off Feb. 16th, 2013.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion