Augmented reality and health care - Qualcomm's mobile future

Augmented reality and health care - Qualcomm's mobile future

Summary: Chipmaker Qualcomm offered a glimpse of what the future might hold for the next generation of smartphones.


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  • The chipmaker demoed another augmented reality mobile app - this time using software to inject virtual objects into a mobile user's environment.

    Pictured above is a piece of paper printed with a pattern which, when viewed using a smartphone running a particular app, turns into a virtual version of the Rock'em Sock'em Robots game...

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

  • shown above.

    "There's actually nothing on the table but a piece of paper but, when you look at it on the phone, you actually see a game there and you and another person can play that virtual game," said Jacobs.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

  • Augmented reality offers interesting opportunities to marketers, according to Jacobs, enabling characters on the back of cereal packets to be brought to life at the breakfast table, for instance.

    Augmented reality will also enable social networking to step off the web and start hovering a few inches above our heads, according to the Qualcomm CEO.

    "What's really interesting about this tech I think is it's going to give a user interface to the world," he said. "I'll be able in the future to point my phone at you with the camera and a little thing will pop up above your head of whatever information you're willing to share with me."

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/

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