Back-to-school tech for students

Back-to-school tech for students

Summary: A look over 10 bits of technology a back-to-school student will need to get them through their next academic year. These are well thought out and recommended by ZDNet's resident student.

TOPICS: Storage, iPhone, Mobility

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  • A dedicated Skype phone might seem pointless to some, but those who communicate with friends and family members over long distances, Skype is definitely the way to do it. You may as well do it in style and in comfort over those long phone calls.

    You can read the article, "10 bits of tech to get for the back-to-school student", which corresponds to this gallery.
  • For some, a Kindle is all it. For me, I prefer my e-readers to be smaller and less corporate in design and feel. At least with a device other than a Kindle, I won't be spending tonnes of money on book downloads.

    You can read the article, "10 bits of tech to get for the back-to-school student", which corresponds to this gallery.
  • Speakers will be the audible sound of your heart and soul. You may as well get the party revved up a gear with speakers which are portable, clear and lightweight, but also small and incredibly powerful.

    You can read the article, "10 bits of tech to get for the back-to-school student", which corresponds to this gallery.

Topics: Storage, iPhone, Mobility

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  • Touchbook

    I'm personally a huge fan of the new Touchbook by Always Innovating. With one of these, you get a e-reader, photoframe and laptop all in one, for a really good price. Given, they're not as powerful as a normal laptop, but with a Touchbook you don't need a multitouch laptop and with the money saved buying a normal one instead, you can more than afford a Touchbook (and then you don't have to lug a huge, powerful computer around from class to class). Without a doubt, the Touchbook is my choice for killer back-to-school tech :)
  • RE: You'll need a digital camera (Back-to-school tech for students)

    Needs? ROFL! Sounds like a bunch of whiney wants to me.
    • Digital camera? Hu? is it 2000 already?

      Unless you are talking about someone working in journalism or photography (who would require a better camera than the one showing), Having a phone with a decent camera is more than enough for students these days.

      So, leave the digital camera as a recommendation for us, the parents to take pictures of them as they settle in their new dorm.
  • RE: A missing item- disk-on-key

    Where is the USB disk-on-key (or equivalent) item? A must for back-ups, a 4GB for ubuntu OS, a second one for back-ups.
  • Needs...???

    To me this look more like a bunch of wants. Like
    come on lets be a little more realistic. a plain
    old note book is good enough and if you feel thats
    not enough bring out the good old fashion pen and
    • Even though I agree...

      I can hardly put down a pen and paper on a tech website ;)
  • You'll Need to Recycle & Be Active in at Least Five Environmental Causes

    to resolve your shame for all the e-waste generated. New, new, new ... what about with make do and reuse? As well, sparing yourself from debt is a virtue worth cultivating during this time.
    Besides, some of these functions are served by one device. for example, get a camera phone or use a device to enable TV on your PC. Also, mega speakers and dorm life don't likely mix well all the time. Go for enhanced fidelity even at lower volume levels that enhance the audio experience within your limited personal space (I'm a Creative fan too). A quality headset is invaluable too.
    I'll admit that tech has put money in my bank and the gizmos do entice. Remember, activities that promote your career and time management are essential to personal growth and learning experience during the college years ... not the toys. Alas, this is a somewhat-free nation (but very confused if not schizo) and everybody has a right to choose, so enjoy the conspicuous consumption if it makes you happy. Good luck.