Behold: The Microsoft Mustang!

Behold: The Microsoft Mustang!

Summary: The software giant worked with West Coast Customs to create a rolling showcase for its technology, baking in features from Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox, among other products.


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  • Pimping Microsoft's ride

    West Coast Customs and Microsoft created Project Detroit to inspire developers to build apps for cars. This ride includes technology from Microsoft's Kinect, Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone, among others.

  • Built in touch-screen displays

    The Project Detroit car has a touch-screen display that drivers can swipe to toggle between different dashboard skins. The slate in front of the passenger seat can surf the Web -- and can also send messages for display on the car's rear windshield.

Topics: Microsoft, Hardware, Mobility, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

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  • Detroit & Microsoft are Perfect for Each Other

    It is perfect to have Microsoft working closely with Detroit for future cars, any cars, but my beloved Mustang. We suffering enough.
  • Wait 'till the first piece of malware hits it

    Then they'll wish they used Linux. ;)
    • Pathetic Trolls you and http404

      Seriously, you guys comment on this Mustang and have nothing but ire to say about it.

      You and http505 are the definition of a troll...through and through.
      • Hey if you be a good fanboy

        I'll bet they'll throw in a free Norton anti-virus subscription to go with it. Courtesy of Ford.

    • Yeah, I'm sure that's what they'll be wishing...

      Because calc and and the 1990s classic: "Half Life" would be so much cooler. But Half Life probably won't work without ironically borrowing Windows components, installing Wine, and about 100 different tweaks. In all fairness, those tweaks should be invisible to the user by now, assuming they have the right hardware that Linux likes. I wonder if they'd be able to get the WIFI to work correctly?

      SUDO airconditioner on | fanson | enginecheck <- efficiency at its finest.

      (actually it would be written like this)
      SUDO a2c.234.aspr.ac1 | grokflep akc_234.639.242_prq | eng5.9.500_qpoiwer | ....

      "Hold up guys, I'm chowning the steering column and grepping the turn signal so it will let me turn."
      • You certainly went a bit overboard.

        Linux, although I currently use Windows, is a lot better than you make it out to be. Setting up wine is easy. Even when I used Arch Linux , I only had to type "sudo pacman -S wine". Wine can now run most games that run on windows. Your point about gaming is really outdated. Wifi? Even if you don't have an opensource supported card (which isn't that common), On Ubuntu, you just have to click Ok when it asks you if you want to install your driver. On Arch, you blindly copy and paste from here:

        "SUDO airconditioner on | fanson | enginecheck <- efficiency at its finest."

        I hope you are not serious. Why would you ever pipe the output of airconditioner to fanson and the output of that to enginecheck? You simply wouldn't. Also, none of what you did would require root permission, so you can drop the sudo. Lastly, those things would be neatly tucked away in an rc file (or its equivalent) in the default setup. You would simply turn the key and your car would know what to do. Even if you wanted to run the commands yourself, you would do something like: "airconditioner on; fanson; enginecheck" (which is really quite intuitive for digging around in the basic engine starting configuration files).
        I don't know where you could ever come up with your second example. It is not the least bit representative of Linux.

        Any car would come with the steering column in the users possession, so no chowning necessary. Grepping the turn signal? Do you even know what grep does? Also, since when was a turn signal required (literally, not by law) before you can turn? It wouldn't be grepped, it would be its own command.

        Although you may have some small points hidden within all of your mocking, you really should find something real to complain about before attempting to make fun of something.
        Patrick Aupperle
      • @Patrick Aupperle That's what I was going for.

        The nature of my post was to over-exaggerate the essoteric nature inherent of the Linux operating system.

        While you are correct that many things have been simplified over the years, if you do anything above and beyond the cookie cutter, it often turns into a semantic nightmare with bleak references and tribal knowledge.

        My example of the command to turn on the air conditioner was simply an over-exaggeration of the number of commands you have to pipe in Linux to do simple things (i.e. in installs where dependencies are required).

        The grep and chown bit was just a joke, and can further illustrate the lack of standards throughout the Linux development environment (15 ways to do the same thing, none of them being equal), as well as some of the non-intuitiveness of commands to the most basic user.

        My comment on WIFI is based on my experience with integrated hardware. Every (older) laptop I have tried to convert to Linux (either Mint or Ubuntu) has failed the compatibility test, while all MS versions (past and present) immediately recognize them.

        Lastly, while my criticism of the gaming environment may seem out of date (as in its verbatim form, it is), the nature of Linux gaming has not really changed over the past decade or two, and advances in 3D representations have really not come that far in the gaming industry (they always have approximately a 5-10 year lag associated with them, and many times, they can never port).

        It's underutilization of resources when it comes to high end video cards in the gaming industry.

        The underlying reason for the post, however, was to troll the troll.
      • No, The underlying reason for your post...

        ...was to show off what a pompous, bloviating windbag you are.

        Congratulations, theomess. You are a 'winner'.
      • @ScorpioBlack Are you threatened

        by my command of the English language? Perhaps if you had finished grade school, you wouldn't feel so threatened?

        I just want to let you know that there's no shame in being stupid, SB. You should know, as you're so good at embracing that and making it your own.
      • @theomess

        Did you know you're very easy to pwn & own?

        You're like my little piece of clay, ready to be kneaded and molded into any shape I want. Just a little gray lump full of windbag.

        Don't you like that?

      • Wow SB...

        I'm impressed with what your socks have done in here.

      • What socks, @theomess?

        I wear grey socks and white athletic socks.

        Don't tell me you want to smell them?
      • Oh lookie, he flagged me already

        Him and his sock puppet(s)!

        Well I expect you to wait here all night for me since you'll just never know when I'll pop in. A tool like you should [b]always[/b] be ready at my command.

      • @Scorpio... Hate to break it to you, but...

        I don't run around flagging everyone like you. I figure the mods have enough to do without chasing idiotic fake flags like the rampant ones you throw all over their forums.

        You give yourself too much credit, SB. I run you around in circles until you're both tired, and managed to make yourself look like an idiot.

        Does it hurt my ZDN rep as well? Ah, well... sure, but that matters about as much to me as a flaming bag of dog doo.

        When I have anything better to do (and I mean ANYTHING), then you take a back seat and are left hanging, slobbering like an idiot, waiting for me to post something.

        See, the problem is with all this stuff you accuse me of (socks to downvote, flagging, waiting for your posts, etc) is all stuff that you do, and you assume, I'm like you. The difference between you and I, is I hit a blog for intelligent debate, and find toolboxes such as yourself incapable of achieving this. As long as I'm making you chase your tail and you're humping MY leg, you're leaving everyone else alone for the most part, aren't you?

        But you? You step into blogs and find people to denegrate. Let's see, last time it was going to town on a dyslexic guy? You're a troll, and that's what you come to these blogs to do: troll. I've seen your history, and you haven't made a single intelligent post since you've arrived at ZDNet. And it's not just here, it's every blog network you touch. I knew you based on the fact that whenever there's a blog with an attached conversation, you come in with your stupid drivel to drop the IQ down about 100 points. I don't mind people disagreeing, but you show up just to be a dim-witted clown.

        You're no stranger to being banned, and it's no secret why. Maybe I can get you banned again here. Maybe I'll be too. But maybe this time, you'll get kicked for good. As for me, I won't lose any sleep over it either way. .
      • Wow, theomess

        My mistake. You're an even bigger pussy than I thought.

        Well I'll make sure I pwn you more in the future. You ask for it.

        lol... :D
  • It would be an insult to drive ANY Mustang with Microsoft in it.

    I'll pass.
    • I agree

      If there's a major malfunction, it'll CRASH into a BSOD wall.

    • insult?

      well you dont have to worry about that, i bet you dont even have money for this car.
      Emi Cyberschreiber
      • You're right...

        Probably spent all his money on his 3 different iPods, iPhone, iPad, 2 MacBooks, and anything else Apple told him he NEEDS.
    • I can understand...

      Why people who could never afford a vehicle would feel that way. Ford would probably consider it an insult to have ANY Mustang with YOU in it.