Best Android-powered smartphones

Best Android-powered smartphones

Summary: A tour of the best Android smartphones currently available.


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  • Samsung Galaxy S II

  • Samsung Galaxy S II

  • Samsung Galaxy S II

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  • Droid Razr Maxx

    I don't believe this comes with least mine didn't. I received a big update, Android version 2.3.6 after purchasing but still waiting on the 4.0.
    • Droid Razr Maxx

      i understood the ICS is releasing on 5/12 for the Razr, Maxx and 4?!?!?!
    • RAZR Maxx

      Ours came with ICS Pre-Installed.
  • Drois Razr Maxx

    Don't hold your breath!!! I have been waiting for months. I doubt it will be here by the 12th.
  • Best smartphone

    HTC 1x with 4+ 1 cores CPU should be the BEST until end of 2012. Thailand
  • HTC One X

    The HTC One X is the one to beat at the moment. The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks very close too
  • Samsung Galaxy Note?

    What's not to love about the Samsung Galaxy Note? Works beautifully for me since the screen is large enough to actually do work on. I can do lots of my office work on the phone now as well as talk, message, email, etc. all on one tool.
    • Indeed

      It was arguably the best phone until the One X and SIII came out. Though it still beats those two in a number of ways. Of course, they also have advantages over the Note too. The Note should have been included.
    • Note in a different class

      With stylus and handwriting the Note makes the others seem incomplete.

      Plus, for me and many others, the Note's screen is just the right size.
  • Galaxy Nexus

    Recently purchased the Galaxy Nexus (Verizon, USA). The difference between it and my HTC Evo is astonishing. The speed, the onboard memory, the improved interface all made my decision to upgrade very easy.
  • htc one x or s

    Htc one x or s... I already have ics it will be good but its got mega problems netflix dont work the New app sucks battery life is way down huge keyboard lag and as a wiseman once said the virtual button placement is horrible just to name a few your looking at vista gone android right now stay on ginger for a while
  • Galaxy SII Operating System

    Hello? My SII was upgraded last week to ICS. Why does nobody out there seem to know about this? (Even the people in the shop where DH was looking to upgrade his phone didn't know it was possible to do this.) I wasn't even given much of a choice, it just happened when I plugged it in to sync to my desktop.
  • Best Android Mobile and Best Android Application

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the best Android Powered Smart Phone .

    And the Best Android Application for Shopping is "Mintm" .
    Download Link :
  • Not Note?

    Why no Galaxy Note. I have both an S2 and the Note. I like the Note much better than the S2, and I think the S2 is a darn good phone.
  • Sweet Mother of God!

    I love this site, and the articles, and the responses from "the public", but holy crap the format makes me just plain angry!!!!!!!!!
    • Agree!

      Four pages of pictures and only one text page with a minimal amount of information for the first phone. Couldn't be bothered to read on. We're adults, not kindergarten.
  • Core memory

    Info only on external storage, not core storage which is equally important if not more.
  • razr maxx update to icecream

    I just ordered a new razr maxx and the guy in service told me that I wouldf recieve update to icecream in next 2 weeks, I had voiced concern as to problems that may happen since the maxx wasn't designed with icecream in mind!
  • DONT

    DO NOT upgrade to ICS on RAZR Maxx. The upgrade ruined my 1 month old Maxx. Runs hot. Buggy as crap, and no one cares to help. Read all of the complaints and bugs. I would do anything to get my Gingerbread OS back.
    Lori Beth Voorhis