Best gaming graphic cards

Best gaming graphic cards

Summary: A number of graphics cards at various price points that feature both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

TOPICS: Hardware, Processors

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  • AMD: XFX HD-675X-ZDFC Radeon HD 6750 1GB

    • Core Clock: 700 MHz
    • Stream Processors: 720 Stream Processors
    • Effective Memory Clock: 1000 MHz (4.0 Gbps)

    Price: $90.

    Image source: XFX.

  • AMD: XFX HD-675X-ZDFC Radeon HD 6750 1GB

  • AMD: XFX HD-675X-ZDFC Radeon HD 6750 1GB

Topics: Hardware, Processors

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  • No article?????

    Since when is there simply a picture and a not proclaiming something the best? no compare and contrast? I'm an Asus fanboy, and even I cry foul on this. What were the parameters used to test the card? what other cards are on the market that compare? Alittle dissapointing zdnet!
  • What a joke

    I stopped reading when I saw "GT 440" and "best gaming" in the same "article" - I just bought a GTX550Ti for about the same money and I know it isn't even the "best gaming" I could get.

    It's simply 24 pages designed to pump the ad revenue.
    • .. just not a funny one

      My 3 year old Palit GTX 260 Sonic 216SP can now be got for under $100 as well - and it would eat this upstart for breakfast .. and still need a real meal afterwards.

      But, y'know, i guess i could go so far as to recommend the GT 440 to any grandma that requires "lightning fast", "crisp" Barnes & Noble, eBay and Amazon web-page, image display.
  • Best Gaming Cards

    ZDnet used to put out articles worth reading. Now it's just a bunch of so called writers that seem to get paid by getting you to click on their article....which ends up being totally useless, such as this one.
  • WHAT IS THIS????

    WHAT IS THIS????

    Umm, a series of pics, most with no text, only a select number with specs, no article at all - and oh, yeah, ZDNet's photo gallery still sucks for a large number of photographs.

    What in the world is this? Is somebody simply trying to meet a minimum article count or something like that?

    What a joke :(.
    • This is a paid advertisement for the ASUS GT440

      ... the [i]Ford Pinto[/i] of the GPU revolution. Witness your video in eyelid dropping speeds .. watch a snail move at mind numbingly (and accurately) slow pace. All this .. and less! with the ASUS GT 440.

      [i]" Batteries not included." [/i]
  • I Have to Agree

    I can't help but agree with the other posters... This "Article" could use a little work.
    • No, actually, you're being too kind

      [i]"...This "Article" could use a little work. "[/i]

      The editor oughta take it down .. it's so darn right offensive.