Best keyboard/ case combos for the new iPad 3

Best keyboard/ case combos for the new iPad 3

Summary: Updated Summer 2012 edition: We have gathered the best keyboard/ case combos for the new iPad.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • This new keyboard from Logitech turns the new iPad into the thinnest and lightest laptop replacement on the planet. It attaches to the iPad using a magnetic hinge like the Apple Smart Cover, and securely attaches to the iPad for typing using the same technology.

    See the full review at ZDNet Mobile News

    Logitech, $99

  • Here is the Ultrathin open and ready for business. The iPad fits in a slot that holds it at a good viewing angle. The magnets holding the iPad in place are so strong the entire assembly can be picked up by grabbing the top of the iPad and lifting off the table.

  • Viewing the iPad/ keyboard assembly from the side shows the chiclet keys that are great for typing, and the iPad seated in the keyboard slot.

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • just as good as a notebook

    Add a keyboard to the iPad, and it becomes as good as a Notebook. Wonders never cease! Add a USB and card reader for your camera memory and it becomes even closer to a Notebook or Laptop. Oh heck, just get a Notebook.
    • Hmmm....

      "Oh heck, just get a Notebook."

      Trite response. Truth is that unless you are a writer you don't really need the keyboard, so why should you have to buy one? Typical PC user who has no need for a tablet of any kind so poo-poos any possible positive article. Awesome.

      BTW Notebook sales appear to be falling off a cliff so not many people following your sage advice.
  • Clamcase

    I have the Clamcase for my iPad 2. The 5 positions (including closed) are all I could ask for. Very responsive Bluetooth keyboard. Sorry you missd it.
    • Agreed

      I have the Clamcase for the original Ipad after going through multiple others. It is by far the best feelign keyboard I have found
    • Clamcase at $149

      Clamcase is a little more expensive, but definitely worth a look. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to check it out.
      Roger H
      • Lucky User!

        This company has the worst customer support and the product are probably out of business or will be shortly.
      • Clamcase for iPad 3

        Based on alot of terrific comments, I purchased the clamcase "trooper" for my iPad 3 and it was one of the biggest pieces of crap I ever bought. Maybe the case for the original ipad and ipad 2 were better constructed but the case was so cheap, just holding it with 2 fingers I could flex the plastic.

        When I received the package, the box was layered in very thin plastic and it was easy to take the case out of the box without any damage. I was immediately disappointed; the case felt cheap and just holding the case with 2 fingers, the plastic flexed/squished.

        I tried using the keyboard but couldn't. I had to charge the case for close to 2 hours to use the keyboard!

        Once it was charged, it was easy to link it with the ipad3 but the keyboard was so compressed that my fingers cramped. The space bar was in a weird spot and I had to pound on the keys twice to get the letters to register. Normally, I am a very quick typist but the response of the keys was so bad that I decided to return the clamcase.

        This is where it gets worse. I went through the RMA process and when i finally got approval to return the item a few days later, they told me there was a 15% restocking fee! So they charged me $22.35 for removing that cheap bit of plastic that was on the outside of the box!!! Then I had to pay the shipping to return the case which cost an additional $12. To add insult to injury, I have to wait up to 15 days to get my refund! (I'm still waiting.) So for $170 plus 2 hours of electricity, I am only going to be refunded $126.65. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!! I've decided to use my apple wireless with an origami keyboard case until i find something better but I'll only be purchasing one that I can try out first.
  • How about a notebook without a keyboard??

    Just kidding!
    But hey... the reason I love my iPad far more than the dozens of laptops I've owned is... the dang thing doesn't have one of those nasty keyboards!!
    Let's face it, keyboards suck!
    They do have their place. If you're writing a long article or story, a keyboard is excellent... for people who KNOW HOW TO TYPE!

    But for the majority of tasks, a touchscreen beats a keyboard hands down.

    I guess the beauty of an add-on/take-off keyboard is that for the 70% of tasks we do that a keyboard is not required, we don't have to lug the thing around with us.
  • Do any of these keyboards have a key to delete the character I am on?

    I'm used to a Windows keyboard, and Macintosh keyboards sometimes don't have a key to delete the current character - which adds a lot of work when you are not the greatest typist in the world.
    • Forward Delete

      UscholdM, press the FUNCTION (Fn) key and the DELETE at the same time to enable forward delete for the Mac. Sadly, Apple does not support this in iOS so you will need to find a full-sized keyboard with an arrow pointing left in front of DEL to possibly capture this feature for the iPad.
  • What about Crux Case
  • Bluetooth

    The only problem I see with these keyboard cases is that they rely on bluetooth to speak with the iPad, meaning they cannot be used on an airplane (in theory).
  • I've tried 3 keyoboards

    I have tried 3 different keyboards (logitech, Adonit, and ZAGG). The absolute best so far has been the ZAGG. The logitech was hard to use and the Adonit frame was broken within 3 months. The ZAGG is now 6 months old and going strong.
  • $29 later, I'm Meritline-Keyboard equipped, leather cover, the works. BT...

    I've had my iPad 2 for just more than a year, and the 1st thing I bought for it was a $29.99 keyboard, leather covered, BT 3.0, nice stand-up positioning for games/movies etc, and I couidn't be more pleased with it, from Meritline/Taiwan no less! These name brand goodies that are reviewed here at "Apple, Home Base" are a waste of good, hard earned cash! Mine's been working 100%, with xlnt connectivity for KB and Mouse both, and I've been stylin' with it since earoly May, 2011.

    I do'n't even recall the brand offhand, but it's always connected with KB and mouse 100% of the time, has BT 3.0 not 2.0, which left a LOT to be desired. It looks classy, I'm always getrting compliments about it at the shop, work, or at "going out places" where you just naturally take an iPad for amusement, or work both, at times. and it works fantastico for all my uses.

    Love my cheap Meritline ($29.99 shipped) leather case from Taiwan (which I received in less than a week, like 3 days as I recalled when somebody asked me about it last time), ie you can't go wrong with seriously great bargains from that place. When I read about the nice ZDNet and TechRepublic folks spending $149 and they're happy about it, I just have to chuckle and go about my day with a smile, larger than normal, on my face--thinking I could have bought 5 of the kind that I have for all my iPad 2 and 3 friends, and how pleased they would be also!


    sent from my iPad 2 with the $30 (shipped) Meritline BT, leather KB cover!
  • Dear zdnet, say something about the protection afforded by each case?

    If you own an iPad, and carry it around with you, you are going to drop it.

    iPads are particularly vulnerable to being dented along the edge. The folio style cover I have now extends a few mm beyond the edge, protecting the thin aluminum shell from sideways damage.

    Does the Logitech ultra-thin keyboard-cover provide similar protection, or is the assumption that you will slip the whole think into a protective sleeve?
    • Weight is important too!

      No one here wants an iPad that ways as much as a laptop!
      • All are light

        All of these cases are pretty light. I don't find any of them make the kit as heavy as a light laptop.
    • Side protection

      The best case IMHO for total protection is the Solar Keyboard Folio. It extends out a bit all around. Note that none of these cases are really designed to offer complete protection from drops.

      It all depends on how it hits when dropped.
  • I noticed that none of your choices are membrane keyboards.

    Apparently, you must have used one once. :P
  • Have used the snot out of my Logitech Ultrathin

    Looks great, works great, light and good protection for the front screen of my iPad 3. My only wish was that the viewing angle of the tablet was a little adjustable, but I understand the tradeoff to keep the unit balanced and secure.

    This is my go-to combo for working in the airport and on the plane.
    terry flores