Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

Summary: Now that CES, MWC, and CTIA are all wrapped up it is a good time to go through and list what we can consider the top 10 smartphones for the first half of 2011. That will likely change this summer when Apple announces a new iPhone and more Android devices hit the streets.


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  • The T-Mobile LG G2X is the US version of the LG Optimus 2X.

  • The Apple iPhone 4 is a very successful smartphone that will continue to appeal to millions of people.

  • The 3D functionality in devices may seem a bit gimmicky, but it looks like HTC has done a good job implementing it on the HTC EVO 3D.

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  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    i recently upgraded to a new smartphone and looked at all of them,, bberry, android, and iphone. I like to keypad on the bberry best, android phones were all very nice - bright, lots of apps too, windows phones had odd keyboards.. it came down to an android phone or iphone.. iphone wins hands down.. I really did NOT want to buy an iphone because I don't really care for the form factor -- it's too big, but if you want to browse properly, this an the android are the only choices -- windows is still clunky.. when it came down to it, the user experience is still the best on the iphone -- smooth transitions and scrolling, apps etc.. the android phones still seem a bit erratic.
    • Did you take the time to compare battery life?

      @swalkertt usually Android phone can last much longer. If that matters of course.
      Tomas M.
      • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

        @Tomas M.
        NOT True..the 3 droids I had were terrible compared to the iPhone
      • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

        @Tomas M. I still have an original Motorola Droid A855 that I carry in my pocket and I do work where it gets bashed around a lot and it is still as good as the day I got it.
      • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

        Where can I find an UNLOCKED Samsung Focus Flash with Windows Phone 7?
    • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

      @swalkertt How can you say iPhone wins? What planet are you living on? There a number of phones that crush iPhone for performance and features. Do your home work before making a I love Apple response as this could be the only reason for what you posted!
      • Sounds to me like Tomas did his homework

        From what he wrote, it's clear he tried them all.
        Laraine Anne Barker
    • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

      I agree...I had two HTC Incredibles and neither worked then went to Samsung Fascinate and it had many problems...Now we have switched all four of our phones to iPhone with iOs5 and they are great! If the Droids are so good why are all the companies introducing new phones every month or's because Android is not ready for prime time and because the manufacturers are always trying to play catchup with Apple...I have never been an Apple fan but I am now..just gave my son-in-law an iPad2 and it is great also...Don't waste your time with Droid..and Oh I did have a blackberry which was OK but not going to be around for long
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    What about the ZTE Racer Black ????
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    Win 7 phone once again took away a simple feature with notes and try to get you using One note to replace the very simple (sticky note)concept. Also cannot access your Corporate Outlook address list with the new phone...
    • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

      @jpacini@... <br>Windows 7 can definately get your corporate address list on via activesync. I find the Outlook email experience, one of the best in Winodws 7 Phone. And the Beauty of One note is that you can edit/keep your Notes synced both on Smartphone and on Laptop via Skydrive in cloud. There are numerous simple free Notes software available in marketplace. Why bother ..
      • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now


        Not to mention it literally takes all of 10 minutes to write a sticky notes application for windows phone 7.
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    galaxy is quite fancy: good stuff from samsung
    • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

      @tatendahj - At first glance (and second) it looked like an wonder their in court!
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    yep this is quite slick lets jus wait and see how it keeps its place at the top
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    Not a peep about the Motorola Atrix? Intriguing...
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... Samsung Galaxy S

    I have been using cell phones since we carried them in bags. I compare price, apps, ease of use, etc.. I realy compare and the Galaxy s has all other phones beat out for now anyway. As far as the I Phone, they are behind and falling fast. Too much money, bad battery life, and lack of anything "special". My phone does anything an iPhone can do and cheaper to buy.
  • best smarphone

    how about motorola defy?
    Can anyone put some light on that?
  • RE: Best smartphones of 2011 ... for now

    Went with the Galaxy S II. Ditched WinMo Pro 6.5 (HTC Touch HD) because Windows Phone 7 ended the era of MS in the Smartphone arena in my opinion. Never really entertained an iPhone mainly because of all the Apple fan boys who jumped in at the least excuse to pump the brand. AND no doubt will feel obliged by their 'religion' to jump on this...go on prove me wrong fanboys and keep out of this post - if you can!
  • Definitely NOT Windows Phone 7

    If Windows Phone 7 is the best MS can do they should give up now! I owned one for several months before and after the NoDo update. Finally couldn't take it anymore as the OS lacks severely IMHO. Would you believe I actually went back to WM 6.5 and am now enjoying the features I missed so much! To be fair, Win Phone is fast, has a pretty screen, is far more touch friendly, and seemed more stable at least while I owned it (started to show a few quirks before I put it on the shelf). But as crazy as it may seem going back in time, LG Expo is my phone of choice.