Bots bring in the Fahrvergnugen

Bots bring in the Fahrvergnugen

Summary: Peek inside Volkswagen's German manufacturing hub, where bots build new VWs and big profits.

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  • Volkswagen lift

    A robot lift carries a car in one of two storage silos near Volkswagen's car manufacturing center in Wolfsburg, Germany.

    Europe's biggest carmaker said earlier this month that bottom-line profits nearly quadrupled in the third quarter as cost-cutting and efficiency improvement measures began to bear fruit.

  • Bots assemble Golf

    Robots assemble the new fifth-generation Volkswagen Golf at the German carmaker's production plant in Wolfsburg.

    The VW Golf V, which features engines ranging from 75 to 250 horsepower, has been on the market since fall 2003.

Topic: Security

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