Build your own "Ivy Bridge" desktop PC

Build your own "Ivy Bridge" desktop PC

Summary: Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs are now on sale so it's time to look at putting together a system based around this new and exciting silicon.


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  • Processor

    I'm going to go with the cheapest processor in the list, the Intel Core i5-3450. This processor is clocked at 3.1GHz but can be stepped up to 3.5GHz when turbo-boosted. 

    • Frequency: 3.1GHz (3.5GHz Turbo)
    • L3 Cache: 6MB
    • Architecture: 22nm
    • Socket: LGA 1155
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2500
    • TDP: 77W

    Image credit: NewEgg.

    Price: $200.

  • Motherboard

    The motherboard I've gone for there is the Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H. This board features Intel's Z77 Express chipset and comes with everything you'd expect from a modern motherboard, including UEFI firmware, HDMI and USB 3.0.

    This is a good, all-round, capable motherboard.

    • Socket: LGA 1155
    • CPU: Core i7/i5/i3 (LGA 1155)
    • North Bridge: Intel Z77
    • USB: 2 x USB 3.0 + 4 x USB 2.0

    Image credit: Gigabyte.

    Price: $140.

  • RAM

    The Ballistix Sport Series was created for mainstream users and enthusiasts. These modules feature heat spreaders for thermal performance. These modules make use of standard timings and voltages, making this a reliable, quality RAM option that’s ideal for maximum stability and compatibility.

    • Speed: DDR3-1333
    • Latency: CL9 (9-9-9-24)
    • Voltage: 1.5V
    • Bandwidth: PC3-10600 (10.6GB/s)

    Image creditCrucial.

    Price: $25.

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  • okay, now what

    You have a pile of parts. What are you going to do wire them up in a pile on the desk or are you going to get a case? Or are you just flogging goods?

    And why the cheapest quad core i5 when you can get for the same money an 8 core AMD Zambezi with 8 meg L2 and 8 meg L3 cache running natively at 3.6 gig.

    Getting the cheapest is a pretty poor choice. So I can only assume that you don't know what you are writing about.
    • It's not about AMD - as it says in the title

      The title is "Build your own 'Ivy Bridge' desktop PC". So That rather precludes any processor made by AMD. Don't you think?
      I'm sure you'd feel it would be wrong to include an Intel processor if the title was "Build your own AMD based desktop PC". So when you write that article, @RAV55, you can drool over your 8-core AMD processor to your heart's content.
    • Intel > AMD

      Because the i5 3450 is still better than the Bulldozer. Look up benchmarks. The Bulldozer has to be overclocked to be near the 3450's performance.

      But if you want to boast "I HAZ MOARRRR CORESSS", then please, get the 8 cores.
      Tin Nguyen
  • Why God why!

    Seriously this a config! Whom are you kidding? Z77 board with non ocing proccy! And 1333 RAMs! Didnt you find any 1600 ones!! And u just forgot a graphics card. Then why did to get a SLI board? Ok, if u got z77, no it supports ssd caching? So where is ur SSD? Fine, why did u got a 430 W PSW, a CM 350 can run this, may be some one wants to throw in a graphics card right, so put a GS 600, keep room for 7850 Crossfire X!
    This config is wrong in so many levels. And you sir are an idiot.
    • Lol

      Obviously knows nothing about computer.
      The title is "Build your own 'Ivy Bridge' desktop", not "SUPER AWESOME Z77 IVY BRIDGE with GFX cards".
      Not many people need the extra GPU power. Some just wants to browse the web or do a server.
      He doesn't need to get an SSD for SSD caching. Just because it supports it, he has to use it.
      Tin Nguyen
  • ???

    So AK did you ever finish it does it work whay os?
    benchmarks maybe a passmark score or something
    its been almost 3 months
    preferred user
  • Build your own "Ivy Bridge" desktop PC

    I used to have an AMD Athlon 64 bit x2 6000+ I found that it could not handle "ram 3 only 2,"so I got hold of unit minus optical drive and hard drive, the unit has a turbo i7 processor all for $500 (new) and it really goes well I am very happy. The i3 & i5 are 'Junkers' in my opinion! As soon as AMD put out a better 'chip' I will opt for that,WHY? I prefer the AMD opinion/choice :)
    john alldis