Can the Fitbit Ultra or Jawbone UP improve your lifestyle?

Can the Fitbit Ultra or Jawbone UP improve your lifestyle?

Summary: Nike just announced they are launching their Fuelband fitness tracking device, but until it launches we have the Fitbit Ultra and Jawbone UP available now. I have been using both of these devices for a few weeks and have a preference for one of them.

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  • The Fitbit Ultra is a very capable activity tracker that offers more than the Jawbone UP.

    Please check out my ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer blog post where I offer reasonse why I prefer the Jawbone UP over the Fitbit Ultra.

  • The back of the package shows you how you can wear your Fitbit Ultra and how it connects to your computer.

  • As you can see in this photo, you get everything you need to use the Fitbit in the retail package. Package contents include the USB docking station/charger, holster, Fitbit Ultra, and sleep tracking wrist band.

Topic: Mobility

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