Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

Summary: At an electronics market in Shanghai you can pick up an M-003 which is an Apple iPad knock-off for a little over $100. How does it compare with the real thing?

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • How close can a team of anonymous designers and engineers get to a real iPad for one-sixth the price? Alexandra Savvides from CNET Australia takes an in-depth look at both an M-003 knock-off purchased for about $110 at an electronics market in Shanghai and the real deal. (The real iPad is on the right.)

    Here is CNET Australia's review of the iPad wannabe.

    Credit: Alexandra Savvides CNET Australia

  • In the box, the Apple logo is a dead giveaway.

    Credit: Alexandra Savvides CNET Australia

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Yes, and...

    I'd buy the one on the left.
    • 1GB..when claimed 64GB..

      @nicholas22... a minute and a half to start up.. it's getting easier to separate a fool from his money..
      • It's the OS Stupid!

        @doctorSpoc - Welcome to the world of hemorrhoid...a roid is a roid!
    • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

      @nicholas22 There are better models of the one on the left using a faster processor, the same size screen, android 2.1, capacitive screen, etc. Haters can hate, but I'd buy the knockoff too. They cost the same to make, I'm just getting a better product for less with a better OS and I'm not paying Apple to rape me.
      • haha... Agreed! ....and knock offs lower the value of iFad!

        @blueskip You know you're about to get hit by every iCrapple iFad clone on ZDNet, right? CrAppleholics are sure to descend on you like a plaque touting how much they paid with smug arrogant pleasure and glee in their eye. Plus tell you how they're going to buy a iCrapplewiper iFad for every room in their house, including the bathroom.

        If you live close to one, you'll often see them waving their iFad so everyone can see it and showing off their "Genuine CrApple" (w/ made in China part covered up) Think Different stickers plainly in view. So then everyone can see they've been willingly raped by Steve iHitler Jobs jewish gypsy graveyard retirement fund raising via iFad and iPwnd4 products to iCrAppleholics!!!

        Me? ....hey I can have my friends in Spain buy me a Galaxy Tab (that kills iFad) sent to me for 199 Euros, pay the 170Euro 18month contract drop penalty and still make out like a bandit! :D ......better size, better features and full web experience with FLASH!
      • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

        @blueskip I'd expect there'd be better makes *and* models, but I don't see links (or specific references) to any here.
  • Anything but Apple

    But the fake's bezel is freakin HUGE!
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

    Seriously. This is lol. I would buy, NEITHER. One is a "you get what you pay for" and the other is "pay for the fancy packaging"...both, a waste of my hard earned mulah.
    • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)


      which is why you poke sheep
  • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

    Obviously knock-offs are only worth doing if the delta between cost and sell is very high. Congrats Apple, you are now in competition with the rest of the "logo" bags.
  • Made by...

    ...Cheap & Nasty China Incorporated.
    • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)


      Hmm you mean Apple?
  • Made by...

    And where to you think iPods, iPads, and iPhones are born? If they were made here in the states you'd never be able to afford them.
    • With the US only creating minimum wage jobs

      It won't be too many years before nobody will be able to afford these things. Then maybe they can move production to Africa.

  • I have an M003 - DON'T BUY ONE!!!!

    The worst thing about the M003 (other than the fact that it's WiFi antenna is so weak, it won't pick up my router when I'm standing 10 feet from it) is that it has a resistive screen, not a capacitive one like the real thing. Resistive screens require a LOT of pressure (I constantly have to beat on this thing to get it to recognize my input). This causes further problems for trying to scroll the screen. It keeps thinking I'm clicking on an entry and goes to the next screen. ARGH! Have to back up and try scrolling again.

    This thing is SOOOOOOO frustrating to work with, it's just not worth it. Save your money until more of the tablets (Microsoft or Android) come out. Hopefully, they will be a lot better than the M003 and a lot cheaper than the iPad.
    • But the specs are soooo much better...

      That's all that matters, right?
    • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

      @Rexxrally---At least you appear to speak from actual hands on, literally, experience with the product itself.
      Some of the posts speak from hidebound, ideological perspectives, no less, no more.
      I read the linked review first, in full. Max 1.5G usable storage space, when 64G is advertised? If there's any truth to this statement, then stay away. Other 'knock offs' might be entirely worthwhile, for all I know.
    • The antenna does not work?

      Rexxrally, are you sure you are not using an iPhone?
      Tim Cook
      • RE: Can you tell a fake iPad from the real deal? (photos)

        @Mister Spock---In the linked article:

        * Network interface 802.11g"

        Your point, Mr. Spock?
  • Like buying a Fake Rolex at a third world Bazaar

    Have you been to one of the roadside bazaar's in the far east? They sell all kinds of knock offs including fake brand name watches like Rolex, Tiffany etc. When I was there a relative bought me a Tag Heuer knock off for fun : it was like 10 bucks and on casual examination looked like the real thing:<br><br>Except of course the stopwatch and other functions like alarm etc doesn't work . When I asked the seller about it he laughed "its for SHOW dude. No functions work except the clock function".<br>(Of course the waterproofing for the fake Rolex 'Submariner: The Divers Watch" wouldn't have lasted if a drop fell on it while you washed your hands in a restroom.)<br><br>The Tag Heuer gave me two weeks before the battery died: and I couldn't get the battery changed as no one could open the case. Not that it mattered as the 'leather' strap had also come apart: the threads binding it snapped.<br><br>so much for that... <br> <br>One analyst calls the Chinese iPad 'tablet' knock offs as basically poor quality touch screen digital picture frames. <br>----<br><br>as for the crazy belief that Android or Windows tablets going to knock iPad's price: Ain't going to happen. The 5 inch Dell Streak wifi is 599, the wifi 10 inch iPad is 499.<br><br>Tim Cook has said Apple's not going to let competitors have a price advantage over it's new products.<br><br>PC manufacturer Acer president Lin in Feb:<br>Digitimes<br>"Apple is able to support the iPad through its iTunes ecosystem, while few other makers, including Acer, have comparable experience in operating an online store", Lin noted.<br>"Apple has built is business out of carving its own niche, which means that while Apple could see success with devices like the iPad, other players are unlikely to be able to replicate its result simply by copying"

    Only way they can do it is to lock you in to an expensive monthly carrier fee.