CES 2011 - Unveiled Showcase

CES 2011 - Unveiled Showcase

Summary: LAS VEGAS -- CES 2011 got started this afternoon in Las Vegas with a special showcase of new gadgets produced by various manufacturers from around the world. Take a look inside the gallery to get a peek of CES: Unveiled.


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  • The Britain-based Orbit Sound made its American debut at CES 2011 with the introduction of the T14 Sound System comprised of a sound bar, subwoofer and iPod/iPhone dock. Outfitted with a glossy black lacquer finish, the T14 sports six 2.5-inch full range high fidelity drivers, 120W RMS amplifier power, an integrated digital amplifier, and 3.5mm stereo and RCA analog jacks to connect additional external devices such as gaming consoles, computers and portable media devices. 

    Priced at whopping $600, expect this high-end and stylish audio set-up to roll out during the third quarter of 2011. For more, see ZDNet's CES 2011 Special Report.

  • Quantenna Communications trotted out its QHS610 Wireless Video Bridge reference design kit. For a long and cumbersome name, it is intended to simplify the home theater system set-up. Using IEEE 802.11a/n Wi-Fi and a quartet of antennas (installed inside the Netgear router pictured at right in the photo), users can stream multiple feeds (i.e. HD movies from Blu-ray players) to multiple displays on the same network in the house simltaneously.

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