CES: HP's reveals new lineup of laptops, minis

CES: HP's reveals new lineup of laptops, minis

Summary: HP is featuring performance upgrades and new designs to highlight its 2011 roster of notebooks and netbooks.


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  • HP Pavillion dv6 and dv7

  • HP Pavillion dv6 and dv7

  • HP's The Envy 17 is also moving to Intel's second generation on Core i-series processors, but continuing to couple them with AMD graphics, namely the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6850M. There's a certain level of automatic graphics switching built into the Envy 17, but it's not as transparent and adaptable as Nvidia's Optimus system (nor, according to our sources, is it likely to be anytime soon). That said, a 17-inch laptop is likely to spend most of its time plugged in, so turning the GPU off and on automatically to save battery life isn't a top priority. More - Dan Ackerman CNET

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  • RE: CES: HP's reveals new lineup of laptops, minis

    All FAT and BORING......... think Mac-Book-Air
    • Oh?

      For people who get real work done and like good hardware, this is it. I suppose if you want to keep fiddling around with toy OS, low powered hardware and paying through the nose for it, more power to you.