Charts: Mining Itanium

Charts: Mining Itanium

Summary: Initial predictions for Intel's high-end server chip lost steam as the years passed.


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  • Dwindling Itanium forecasts

    Sun Microsystems and IBM, whose processors compete with Intel's Itanium, lace marketing presentations with charts that show how analyst firms' Itanium server revenue forecasts gradually changed from bullish to more conservative, predicting lower and later sales as the years went by.

    This chart shows IDC's forecasts of customer spending on Itanium machines as well as the comparatively tiny actual spending in 2004.

    For example, in June 2000 (light green line) IDC predicted that Itanium server revenue would gradually climb to $25 billion by 2004.

  • Itanium servers rank fourth

    Among servers shipped with high-end processors in the third quarter of 2005, many more carried UltraSparc or Power chips than Itanium.

    Hewlett-Packard's PA-RISC chip, which Itanium was designed to supplant, still is used more often.

    At 1.7 million, shipments of servers using lower-end x86 chips far outpace those of servers with higher-end chips.

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