Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

Summary: Chrome 14 is slowly leaving the other Web browsers behind.

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  • Chrome 14 leaves IE 9 eating its dust when it comes to HTML5 compatibility.

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  • Chrome now has Print Preview built-in into its print function. Another nice feature it that it automatically focuses on the Web page's important content. Now, if it only worked properly on Macs all the time...

Topic: Browser

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  • RE: Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

    Why isn't there all the ads and stuff on the right hand side for the Chrome browser? Seems like a photoshop / old image whack job.

    No updated in the corner. No side bar info. Really what is this?
  • Incorrect

    I got 300 with IE 10...what browser and computer are you guys using? Google Chrome's rendering is garbage compared to IE 10...At least report the correct score..even if I had IE 9.
    • RE: Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

      @smitheo1@... It is not incorrect. It clearly states that is talking about IE9 and it is comparing it to Chrome 14. The most current non-beta versions of the browsers. While it is true that IE10 is doing much better the last time I checked you could only get it by using the Windows 8 Beta and that is not something most people (even geeky people) are going to do.