Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

Summary: Chrome 14 is slowly leaving the other Web browsers behind.

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  • Chrome 14 leaves IE 9 eating its dust when it comes to HTML5 compatibility.

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  • Chrome now has Print Preview built-in into its print function. Another nice feature it that it automatically focuses on the Web page's important content. Now, if it only worked properly on Macs all the time...


    At the moment, Chrome's new audio support is more of a neat trick than useful, but it is a heck of a trick and I can see really neat games and applications in its future.

Topic: Browser

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  • RE: Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

    Why isn't there all the ads and stuff on the right hand side for the Chrome browser? Seems like a photoshop / old image whack job.

    No updated in the corner. No side bar info. Really what is this?
  • Incorrect

    I got 300 with IE 10...what browser and computer are you guys using? Google Chrome's rendering is garbage compared to IE 10...At least report the correct score..even if I had IE 9.
    • RE: Chrome 14: Pretty and Fast.

      @smitheo1@... It is not incorrect. It clearly states that is talking about IE9 and it is comparing it to Chrome 14. The most current non-beta versions of the browsers. While it is true that IE10 is doing much better the last time I checked you could only get it by using the Windows 8 Beta and that is not something most people (even geeky people) are going to do.