Close Up: HP Touchsmart PC IQ770

Close Up: HP Touchsmart PC IQ770

Summary: In this photo gallery, we get up close an perosnal with HP's new TouchSmart PC IQ770 -- a Vista-ready system that has generated quite a bit of excitement and that many have positioned as a potential competitor to some of Apple's all-encompassing multimedia systems.


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  • HP's Touchsmart system (see blog) has such a unique profile that it made us think of the distinctive look of the old AMC Gremlin (or maybe the boxier looking Saabs) and how that stood out in an odd sort of way amongst cars. The system would look just as slick in a lobby or a conference room (as sort of a kiosk device) as it would in a kitchen. Note that the front of the system is not black and silver as it looks in this photo. It is actually all black and that silver part is simply a reflection of light. At 1440x900, the 16:10 aspect ratio display's resolution is well equipped to support the system's various multimedia features (described in subsequent images).

  • The HP TouchSmart has HP's 1.3 megapixel Web cam built into it (handy for video conferencing over VoIP connections). The camera is surrounded by a stereo microphone setup.

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  • Wow...

    I know there are a lot of 'those' people out there who will tear into HP, but this is good stuff.
    i am usually dissapointed with the first generation of a new(ish) item. This is good. very few things left out. I'll of course wait for the 2nd gen, but i'm puting one of these in my kitchen for sure.
  • HP Touchsmart PC

    Congratulations on a great design and simple functionality.
    • Forget the boardroom; this should be a member of the FAMILY!

      Forget the boardroom. In our house, the kitchen is the focal point for the family. What a wonderful device to have in that area to support family schedules, meal preparation reference, children?s activities, internet access, and even mundane TV entertainment (though I hope HP rectifies the cablecard and HD disk deficiencies in the next version and supplies an 802.11n interface if it ever is released).

      Some thoughts:
      ? Will it survive a mauling and subsequent cleaning by a curly-haired, tooth-growing, jelly fingered munchkin?
      ? Does the keyboard and mouse have a location signal built in (parts on family devices tend to wander)?
      ? Could we eventually have some color choices (to some irrational members of the family, color co-ordination is important and black just doesn?t cut it)?

      We are in the process of redesigning our living areas and I had made provision for Sony?s media device. Will now have to revisit the areas were this device was going to be installed and rethink the issue. Also going to have to rethink my image of HP as a somewhat stodgy and unprogressive company!
  • vista

    Why the hell would I want to spend the money to get a vista capable PC when Linux is the only OS I use?
  • NTSC

    Doesn't the UK use PAL only ? This would mean an "expensive" feature of the unit is unusable, I would look elsewhere.
    While some of the other features appeal to me, being built in they indicate the necessity to upgrade the entire unit, rather than peripherals.
  • They are kidding, right?

    These guys have got to be the worst designers ever!
    This thing was obviously designed by a committee
  • That's some cool stuff.

    If I had 1800 hundred to dish out, and a couple of computers less in my house, this would be a no-brainer.

    It HP, so integration is expected, support is world-class, and value is definitely a given.

    This also seems like a perfect Skype machine, too (Web cam) assuming it has a built-in microphone.

    Just keeping the machine under 2000 was remarkable, though I'd wait till a updated model arrives before I scare BoA with a 2000 charge to my credit. :)
    • TouchSmart Bugs

      I asked a salesman to hook it up so I could see the TV work, today (3/7/2007), and was told that "Microsoft" only wanted it turned on so people could see the Vista operating system. The salesman said they sent back all their machines on a recall because of bugs in the system, and would not have any for sale for another week or so when updated machines come back in. He said they wouldn't hook up the TV cable until Microsoft tells them to, because Microsoft pays them to set up the display just like Microsoft wants the display set up. That's what the salesman said. Is he for real? Pretty crazy.

      I will definately wait for an improved system. If the HDTV won't work for long, that is a major problem to me. And then what will I be able to record when they fix this problem? Will we be blocked from recording some of the shows we want to record?

      The memory issue is also a major problem. Why would I spend another grand for memory and throw out what comes with it initially? That would be stupid. My XP SR1913WM can be nicely upgraded much cheaper than that. And I bet I can reasonably upgrade my current TV card as needed, also.

      No, they need to rush this concept back to the shop for fixing. Put in a non-doggy processor, and a good HD television that will still be working in three or four years, and install a proper memory setup, and THEN I'll buy it... but probably from a different salesman!