Commodore 64 is back (photos)

Commodore 64 is back (photos)

Summary: Commodore USA says it has resolved its licensing issues and will begin selling the new PC64 under the shell of the classic Commodore 64.

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  • The Invictus.

  • Is that a screen?

  • The side.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Nostalgia...

    Nostalgia isn't what it use to be!
    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      I've still got an original Commodore 64
      John Biles
      • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

        @John Biles
        Hey John....I still have my VIC-20, tape deck and Manual
    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      Nostalgia is a longing for a time that never was.
  • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

    At $1295 w/o Monitor and Ubuntu, I don't think so. I think I would rather buy a Macbook..and that is saying something.
    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      You can get a Mac mini for $700.
      • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

        @gtdworak Mac Mini != MacBook.
    • They must be insane

      Thats more then the C64 cost orginally.
      • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

        @jeffpk with the hard drive? i remember it being pretty pricey - but i was also 10.
    • LOL

      @ItsTheBottomLine Remember, there are people who spend $1295 for a pair of shoes out there. There are always fools who are happy to part with their money...and there are those where $1295 is the same as $10 for most average people. Its all about the marketing...
      Personally, I would rather just buy a dead C64 and mod it myself for around $200...with the same parts and abilities.
  • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

    I have dozen of a friends who will jump on the band wagon just for the name...
    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      @ivanmand <br>LOL then tell them to get one of these and be happy<br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></a><br>thats a FULL C64 inside a joystick, made by one of the real commodore hardware fan's , Not Some PR Pirate looking to profit from the name.
  • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

    For a minute, I thought that it might be a kit computer for Commie fans, but it's just a mediocre PC with a very old-style keyboard.
    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      @Andylb - I'd rather see the Commodore Amiga given the treatment. Though it couldn't be emulated properly with most current architectures - how the video did screens was very novel and still ahead of its time (I can't pull down a Windows, Linux/FreeBSD/OS X screen to see another - of ANY resolution - in the background... amongst other things... )
      • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)


        LOL HypnoToad72 You have Obviously not tryed to run a simple AROS OS nightly Livecd for a while then ;)

    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      @Andylb <br><br>No your thinking of sir clive Sinclair and his original white zx80 home computer kit that kicked off the real home PC craze all those years ago, you did have to self assemble that originally <img border="0" src="" alt="wink">
  • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

    The laptop looks like the offspring of an original iBook mating with a current MacBook.
  • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

    Why not a Vic 20 while they're at it? Seriously, why get a guys hopes up for a wanna be?
    • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

      Whoa there! Vic 20's rule.
      I am Gorby
      • RE: Commodore 64 is back (photos)

        @I am Gorby I still have my VIC-20. Why give it away, it takes up very little space. Right alongside my Atari 1040ST.
        big red one