Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

Summary: The original 8-bit, 1 MHz Commodore 64 is the largest selling PC of all time. Now, you can pre-order a new model equipped with today's hardware.

TOPICS: CXO, Hardware

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  • Commodore USA has opened a new Web store and is now taking pre-orders for its new Commodore 64, VIC-Pro, and VIC-Slim models that are based on the originals. The new Commodore 64 is the home of a mini-ITX PC motherboard featuring a Dual Core 525 1.8GB Atom processor and a Nvidia Ion2 graphics card with 512MB of DDR3 memory. Check out Adrian Kingsley-Hughes' blog post.

    The base Commodore 64 comes with 2 GB of DDR3 memory and is expandable to 4 GB. It's keyboard is the same shape as the original with Cherry brand key switches for a better feel.

    C64s are listed with a base price of $250 for a barebones model and $595 for the basic model. The high-end model with a 2TB hard drive reaches $895. It's expected to be available in May or June.

  • Like the original, the new C64 can be connected to either monitors or televisions, however it offers 1080p HD and 6 Channel High Definition Audio playback.

    The first units will be powered by Ubuntu Linux 10.04, however, a Commodore Operating System is close to completion, according to Commodore USA. With it you'll be able to play original 8-bit games on a built-in emulator - without waiting for minutes for them to load. It appears that the Commodore OS will be shipped to early buyers when it is available.

Topics: CXO, Hardware

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  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    I think this kool. My 1st computer was a VIC 20.
    • My first computer was a VIC 20(3.8Kb ram!)

      Then came the C-64 and a bit later two C-128's ... awesome!

      Wish they had a version of the Amiga as well.

      These are cool and I just might get one for the fun of it.

      Sprites where great. If they still have them, this will be awesome. Add a little OOS programming and the Sky is the Limit.

      Spreadsheets could do great things 6 years before Microsoft understood Excel or Word.
      • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

        @Uralbas, and all who long for other versions of the Commodore line (like the Amiga):<br><br>Check out:<br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></a><br><br>This is the promotional site for the renovated likes of the Amiga 1000/2000 (no 500, but they added a 3000), along with various flavours of Commodore 64. Only the Commodore and VIC lines are available for pre-order at this time, though, but hopefully the Amiga lines will open up soon.

        They say they will ship the computers with Ubuntu 10.4, and will ship extras, like Commodore OS 1.0, when they become available.
      • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

        @Uralbas - You should soon be able to get an Amiga X1000 from A-Eon -
    • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back


      At Grinnell College, it was the Psych department's 2nd. Our first was the KIM1
    • My First computer

      @KevHeadFR was a VIC20 too. The first program was a bird - in text characters- flying across the screen and back. All inline. With 'for i = 1 to 100 : next' lines in between. *shudder*<br>From little things big things grow. Some of my best computing experiences are from the C64.
      It still staggers me that they squeezed the entire "Raid over Moscow" game into 64kbytes, sound & all.
  • OMG OMG OMG I want I want I want

    Now where do I get the extra money for something that is so awesomly kool.
  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    It's a little late for April Fools, isn't it?
  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    What have they done to the keyboard?! ;-(

    Still, maybe it'll be cool...

    I'll be totally honest here, I kinda want a proper Amiga 2000... One running something like AmigaDOS, that can do PC as well (kind of cool to see it running Windows 7). I want the big ol' case with the grey front. I know it's dorky.

    No, I'm not sure why I want it either.
    • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back


      Yeah, integrated keyboard and everything, with some massive CRT monitor. The sort that emits more radiation in a year than Fukushima.
      • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

        @OffsideInVancouver Too soon, man. Too soon.
  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    My first computer was also a VIC-20. Then the C-64 came out about six months later and I was jealous. I might have to pick up of these and put it next to my VIC-20 (yes, I still own it).
  • Nice.

    Fond memories of me as a thirteen year old kid programming BASIC games from a big book, and only learning of a typing mistake when I tried to run the game. What fun it was to go line by line to find the mistake. Yeah right.

    The games on floppy were fun, the tape drive was cool and it was just neat to have this computer. I'll probably buy one of the new ones.
    Hatestone Johnson
    • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

      @Hatestone Johnson
      That's what TRACE was for. Ah, memories...
  • Is this April's fool

    I hope not, but it looks so probable!
  • Great the Commodore 64 and Vic is back

    I was a Commodore Service Center in the 80's
    and would like to be it again.

  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    I want an Amiga but seems kinda pointless if it's just a normal computer with Commodore case, needs to have it's own OS with CLI ... can have GUI as well but CLI the focus and serious graphics power (like the original Amiga in it's day)
  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    I was a Commodore nut. I had the Plus 4, Vic 20, C-64, and C-128. The tape drive was the best! Press play to load a program then find something to do for the next hour ;o)
  • RE: Commodore 64, VIC computers are back

    I learned programming on the 64 and machine language. Wrote a nifty expense prog. I actually used! 64K!?!! yaa!
  • Ports

    The VIC-20 has a printer port! Who connects their printers directly to their computers in this day and age?

    But even crazier than that, look at the C64. It has mini-din ports for mouse AND keyboard (green and purple). Wait a second while I try to wrap my mind around this - the keyboard has a port on it to plug in a keyboard. Can you plug it into itself? Or would that create some sort of temporal vortex that sends you back to the 1980's, watching reruns of Star Trek (ooh, the people in the future are so advanced - just check out their glass chess-set) and playing video games on an Atari 2600?