Comparing the Galaxy Nexus camera with others

Comparing the Galaxy Nexus camera with others

Summary: The 5 megapixel camera in the Galaxy Nexus is about the only specification that is not at the highest end of the spectrum. Some have written it off, but as you can see in this gallery the device takes decent photos for most decently lit conditions.


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    Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the office.


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  • RE: Comparing the Galaxy Nexus camera with others

    a little conflicted between Nexus and iPhone...Both have excellent picture qaulity. However, the iPhone appears have an edge more when it comes to focus.
  • Comparison...

    I THINK the iPhone MAY have a SLIGHTLY sharper image to it, but as for the overall picture it really, really looks in the Galaxy's favour. I mean, it's actually kinda obvious.
  • RE: Comparing the Galaxy Nexus camera with others

    Wow, this subjective evaluation of these pictures is well - subjective.
    My opinion? Overall, I liked the iPhone pictures for their clarity and focus. For me, the iPhone won hands down. However, the Galaxy Nexus pictures absolutely didn't suck. They were actually good. I could live with that. Nice surprise.

    Thanks Matt for your sharing your insights and picture comparison.
  • RE: Comparing the Galaxy Nexus camera with others

    The biggest difference I see between the Nexus camera and the 4S camera is that the colors "pop" more with the 4S. The resolution for both cameras is more than enough, so it comes down to the lens and the sensor.<br><br>Nice comparison of the different cameras, though. Thanks for the gallery.
  • RE: Comparing the Galaxy Nexus camera with others

    I can live with the Nexus' camera. Thinking of buying it. I just have to enhance the brightness and saturation of the photos and remove some of the blue and it will look just like the 4S' photos. Maybe it's possible to do something like that directly from the camera app on Android.