Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

Summary: The iPad has a distinct advantage over competing tablets due to the massive third party accessory market. These accessories range from the simple case to things that turn the iPad into a full gaming console. This collection of useful accessories for the iPad will appeal to virtually everyone.

TOPICS: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • This kit from Apple is a must-have for any iPad owner that uses a smartphone to take photos and video. The kit comes with two separate connectors: one with a USB port for directly connecting phones to the iPad (including the iPhone); and the other unit contains an SD slot for plugging camera memory cards into the iPad.

    Both connectors make it easy to get photos and video into the iPad for editing, sharing and other tasks.

    Apple store  $29

  • Sometimes you need a physical keyboard to get stuff done, but most are less than full-sized which frustrates some typists. Enter the Logitech, which serves as a case for the iPad for transport, yet opens into a full-sized keyboard.

    The Logitech uses a unique butterfly technique for transforming from case to keyboard, and is an outstanding keyboard.

    Logitech site  $130

    ZDNet Mobile News review of the keyboard

  • If a separate keyboard case is not your liking, turn your iPad into a full iOS laptop with the Clamcase. Available in black, white, or a special Storm Trooper Edition, the Clamcase is a protective case for transporting the iPad.

    When it's time to work just open the lid as on any laptop, which exposes a full keyboard complete with special keys to control the iPad. The case can be used folded flat as a tablet, as a stand for watching video, in addition to full laptop operation.

    Company web site  $150

Topics: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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    3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
    • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

      @fldbryan@... plus the several hours it must have taken you to come up with such an original comment
  • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

    I noticed that you included a good selection of audio based accessories in your image gallery.

    One other audio accessory which your readers may consider is called "iRig MIDI"

    This tiny device (just a tad lager than an iPod Nano or Shuffle) connects to any iOS device thru the 30 pin serial connector and connects to any MIDI enabled device with a pair of included DIN MIDI cables.

    This device acts as a bridge between a person's iPad, for example, and a MIDI keyboard. Because it uses a standard Core MIDI interface, it is compatible with GarageBand and other MIDI supported apps.
  • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

    $30 for a dual USB wall-charger - ROFLMAO.