Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

Summary: The iPad has a distinct advantage over competing tablets due to the massive third party accessory market. These accessories range from the simple case to things that turn the iPad into a full gaming console. This collection of useful accessories for the iPad will appeal to virtually everyone.

TOPICS: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • Miss the coin-operated games of your youth? Turn your iPad into a full arcade gaming system with the iCade. The system has a joystick and full set of buttons for that retro-gaming feel.

    The iCade works with the Atari Greatest Hits app in the App Store to bring old favorites like Missile Command and Asteroids to the iPad, which slides right into the iCade cabinet. The app is $14.99 for 100 Atari favorites, or $1 for 3-game packs if you're on a budget.

    In addition to the Atari classics, developers are releasing games available in the App Store compatible with the iCade. The full list of dozens of games is at the link below.

    ThinkGeek site   $100 (games extra)

  • Many iPad owners also own an iPhone or other smartphone, and would love to charge both devices at the same time with only one charger to keep track of. Enter the Macally dual charger which combines a slim unit with collapsing plug for easy transport with two USB ports to handle both a phone and iPad.

    Sometimes simple really is the best.

    Company web site  $30

  • The proprietary connector on the iPad means you need special cables to charge them. This retractable cable from Macally is designed for travel, and combines the special iPad connector on one end with a USB connector on the other. The two are connected by a retractable cable the collapses for travel into a tiny package. It works well with the dual device charger also featured in this collection.

    Company web site   $25

Topics: Hardware, iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

    3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
    • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

      @fldbryan@... plus the several hours it must have taken you to come up with such an original comment
  • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

    I noticed that you included a good selection of audio based accessories in your image gallery.

    One other audio accessory which your readers may consider is called "iRig MIDI"

    This tiny device (just a tad lager than an iPod Nano or Shuffle) connects to any iOS device thru the 30 pin serial connector and connects to any MIDI enabled device with a pair of included DIN MIDI cables.

    This device acts as a bridge between a person's iPad, for example, and a MIDI keyboard. Because it uses a standard Core MIDI interface, it is compatible with GarageBand and other MIDI supported apps.
  • RE: Cool and Fun Accessories for the iPad

    $30 for a dual USB wall-charger - ROFLMAO.