Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

Summary: There aren't many apps in the HP TouchPad App Catalog, but there are some gems for productivity and entertainment.

TOPICS: Hewlett-Packard

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  • The TouchPad is a good mobile blogging device, and the Wordpress app really takes advantage of the format. It offers a full WYSIWYG editor that handles formatting, hyperlinks and images. It is a good app for completely administering your blog, from posts to comment moderation. You can even keep up with your blog's web traffic in the app. This app combined with the TouchPad makes blogging fun. Free

  • The Feeder app for the Pre is a favorite method for many to works with Google Reader RSS feeds. The developer is working on a port to the TouchPad, and this beta app is the work-in-progress. It is currently called TouchFeeds, but that name may change when the app is released in the App Catalog. It works with the user's Google Reader account to present RSS feed articles in a concise display that makes it possible to keep up with lots of RSS feeds. It should be available in the App Catalog soon, price to be determined.

  • The homebrew community has always been active on webOS, and the TouchPad is no exception. The Preware app is an easy method to experiment with homebrew (unofficial) apps, OS patches and themes. It makes sideloading apps as easy as tapping an icon on the screen, and removing changes is just as simple. It is essential for those wishing to explore the homebrew scene on the TouchPad. Free

Topic: Hewlett-Packard

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  • RE: Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

    Each day I go to the HP Apps Store, there are more apps than the previous day. It seems it won't be long until the Touchpads app catalog is robust. A few are webOS versions of IOS apps, which bodes well for the future growth of apps. The author didn't list which is a huge deal. It provides 50GB of cloud storage for your docs, pictures, music , and videos--for free!! Very cool!! With the bext operating system on the planet, its looking more and more like the HP Touchpad will get traction in the marketplace. An over air update is due in a couple of weeks to fix some eary performance issues.
  • RE: Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

    Where does one find the HP TouchPad App Catalog?
  • TuneIn

    I use TuneIn virtually everyday on my Pre - best app ever!

    Last December, while traveling on a Sunday - up I-75 through Tennesse, Kentucky and Ohio - I was able to listen to the team's radio broadcast from start to finish.
  • RE: Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

    The irony of a Cool TouchPad apps article that lists a non-available app to install alongside my Kindle and HP Movie Store apps is so heavy I'll need an acetylene torch to cut my way out of here. Is this platform capable of delivering apps?

    It isn't moodagent's fault but I have a hard time using a music player that when the phone rings and I reach over to pop up the music controls in the notification bar and I can't actually pause the music...

    I also have a hard time using a Wordpress app that when I flick over to the email app to check an email and the Hp TouchPad reboots ... I lose my Wordpress work.

    On the upside the Hp TouchPad makes the best sounding iPod I've ever heard. Of course a 1.6 pounds and 9.7" screen it's the Osborne One of iPods. ;-)
    • RE: Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

      @scotty1024 Wow... Just to balance the record, your experience is not common. I have not had my touchpad reboot, Wordpress seems to work pretty well. Granted the Kindle reader isn't operational yet, but the screens clarity will make this a nice backlit e-reader, I have enjoyed reading my news on this device.

      I am not sure why you would be having problems with your music controls I have not experienced that.

      What I have experienced:

      1. Beautiful display.
      2. Exceptional interface.
      3. Multitasking with email, web browsing, calendar, map, etc.
      4. An ever expanding app catalog.
      5. Longer than expected battery life.

      Sure it is a little rough around the edges and I have had to develop some work arounds, but the work arounds are there and generally are a part of set-up so they only have to be done once.

      I look forward to the updates to come but am extremely happy with the HP TouchPad.
  • RE: Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

    Oh, no, did I miss our appointment? :-)
  • RE: Cool Apps for the HP TouchPad

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