Cracking Open the 55" Samsung LED TV (UN55D6300SF)

Cracking Open the 55" Samsung LED TV (UN55D6300SF)

Summary: Bill Detwiler cracks open a 55" Samsung LED TV and finds hardware from Samsung, Realtek, ST, Intersil, AKM, Weltrend, Silicon Image, and TI.


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  • Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

  • The Samsung UN55D6300SF 55" LED TV was a cinch to crack open and disassemble. It has standard Phillips screws and easily-accessable parts. Provided you can get replacement parts, this TV shouldn't be too difficult to repair.

    Inside the case, you'll find the LCD assembly, motherboard, LCD control board, power supply board, front control panel PCB, and a handful of screws and cables. As expected, this TV has lots of chips from Samsung. But, you'll also find chips from Realtek, STMicroelectronics, Intersil, AKM, Weltrend, Silicon Image, and Texas Intruments.

    Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic
    Caption by: Bill Detwiler

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Samsung

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  • Very Impressive photos!

    One comment: thickness should give MAX dimension, not Min, for hanging on wall.
  • Why do we call these LED TV's ...

    ... when they are LCD's? When an LCD TV is illuminated by a florescent tube we call them LCD's. This baby is an LCD too.
    Schoolboy Bob
    • RE: Cracking Open the 55

      @Schoolboy Bob
      Yeah, it seems a bit deceptive. When I first heard there were "LED" tv's, I thought there are actual LED's in every pixel (like OLED). But they are just LED backlit LCD screens.
  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    Darn. You never showed how the LED backlight is spread in the very thin case.
    • RE: Cracking Open the 55

      @Bruce.Whiteside@... I was looking for the same thing. I started skipping pics when it seemed they were showing to much jargon and not enough of the meaty portions
  • While the photos are nice...

    Samsung's support is lousy. Their apps suck too. While these tv's have great potential, in their current iteration they are gimmicky. The wireless streaming is unreliable and there are frequent disconnects even with a static IP address. Try calling their tech support - you'll realize that you know more than their level 1, 2, 3... support personnel.
    • RE: Cracking Open the 55

      @ajrmd <br> And the problems they have with the power supply capacitors,I had to replace two last year wouldn't power up-<br> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br> Mind it's amazing to see how few parts compared to the cathode tube days?
  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    backlight is coated paper

  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    My internet explorer is saying:<br>"Internet Explorer has modified this page to help prevent cross-site scripting". Is this one of the new advertisements or sth.?<br>I'm running IE9 RTM.
  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    What was point of this exercise ? To count how many parts are removable.

    What I'm curious about is if it still worked after all parts we're re-assembled.

  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    Nice! Thanks for sharing it... Now, let's try stuff we can do adn enhance after opening the case.
  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    You have listed a variety of OEM manufacturer for the chips used but I don't see the details about which chip does what.<br><br>I recently replaced my 10 year old Samsung 17" letterbox LCD - still working just fine - with a 22" Full HD TV. It can play 1080p - high bitrate ( 12mbps) mkv files directly from USB storage - including those single USB port powered Seagate Freeagent Go drives. Does a wonderful job.<br><br>Was wondering what chip handles that. I am only aware of the Sigma Design.
  • RE: Cracking Open the 55

    I wish it had been possible to show the LED back-light arrangements, as well as remove the heatsinks from the switching supply so we could see what devices were used, especially for LED management. (this is an LCD TV, yes.. fine)