CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

Summary: A sampling of the new Android tablets on display at CTIA 2011


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  • Asus EeePad Transformer 10.1" tablet, without keyboard

  • Asus EeePad Transformer 10.1" tablet, with keyboard dock

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  • RE: CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

    I have the Galaxy Tab and it tends to lock up on many occasions when using an app overall it works most of the time. However I do like that they have come out with a larger screen.
  • Is the under 7" tablet dead?

    I would really like a tablet. I have even looked at the samsung tab but they are just too big to be a phone replacement. I think Dell made a perfect size with the 5" but unfortunately it doesn't work with sprint. That is good for a tablet and still small enough to be considered a phone. Too bad there aren't 5 or 6 inch tablets coming up.
    • RE: CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

      @tommcd64 - not at all, it's just called a phone.
    • Is the under 7" tablet dead?

      @tommcd64 -- The naysayers on the Streak-5 abound, but their arguments, typically based on their personal preferences, tend to be quite weak. Size is indeed a personal choice, and what I believe manufacturers will slowly begin to realize is that there is as-yet-unrecognized demand for voice-capability in a variety of sizes -- especially with the expanding use of bluetooth headsets. I would love to see more voice-capable products in the 5-6" range -- unfortunately, Dell dropped the ball so badly in rolling out and marketing the Streak-5, that they actually did damage to the "category". There was to be something close to a 5" model coming out from Acer, but I've not heard anything recently.
  • Xooming along

    I have a Xoom and we are enjoying each other. The screen keyboard is easier to use than expected. (I also bought a blue-tooth keyboard but haven't used it yet.) THe only thing I haven't figured out is how long it lasts on a charge.

    TOday I'm downloading the Amazon app market to see what I can find to play with. What I need is a word processor (other than Google, since that only works on-line.)
    • RE: CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

      how bout apps mate ? these apple fanboys keep shitt*n bout the apps are not optimized for Xoom screen resolution .
  • RE: CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

    Any tablet above 7" should be called a laptop. When you can't hold a tablet with one hand what's the whole purpose of a tablet, you might as well buy yourself a laptop.
    William Wallace
  • RE: CTIA 2011 Android Tablet Review

    i was just wandering if i should buy an android tablet !!!

    please let me know