CTIA Wireless: ShowStoppers highlights some of the latest cutting edge gadgets

CTIA Wireless: ShowStoppers highlights some of the latest cutting edge gadgets

Summary: CTIA Wireless 2011 has commenced in Orlando, Florida. Here's a look at some of the latest gadgets that were shown off at ShowStoppers on Monday.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Belair brought its new 4G LTE compound base station to CTIA Wireless. The small cell product will be placed on electrical poles and wires on city streets. It is intended to offload 3G networks. For example, customers who want to connect to their carrier's respective Wi-Fi networks will be able to do so instead of using basic 3G coverage. The faster speed and connectivity will be incorporated to the normal contract service, so consumers shouldn't see any difference in their phone and data plans.

  • Novatel brought some familiar products from CES 2011 to CTIA Wireless. Specifically, there were two MiFi devices on display. First was the LTE 4510L Mobile Hotspot for Verizon Wireless, which is expected in the second quarter of 2011. However, the 4082 WiMax Hotspot for Sprint is expected "any day now" for $100. That one is confirmed to have a $50 mail-in rebate. Each hotspot device is ready to work with up to five devices connected simultaneously.

  • SuperTooth displayed an in-car device sporting dual speakers and dual microphones, requiring only five watts of power. The battery-operated accessory, which just clips on to the sun visor, allows drivers to communicate hands-free using Bluetooth. Users can ask for stats such as the battery level or remaining memory with voice commands, as well as talk to the server to send messages via e-mail, texting, Facebook and Twitter. The battery allows for 20 hours of talk time and 1,000 hours of standby time. This gadget will be available in late April for $129.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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    A smartphone with MHL technology will work with any existing TV using an appropriate MHL adapter. Adapters are expected to be available from a variety of retailers.<br><br>-Kristin Uchiyama, Marketing Communications Manager, MHL Consortium
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