David Blaine: Human fishbowl

David Blaine: Human fishbowl

Summary: Performance artist David Blaine lived underwater in an acrylic sphere for a week and then attempted and failed to break the underwater breath-holding record.

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  • Blaine rescued

    Performance artist David Blaine struggles to take a breath after failing to break the world record for underwater breath-holding on Monday night.

    After seven minutes and 8 seconds underwater, he blacked out and his trainer sent two divers into the tank to free him from shackles attached to his ankles, according to Reuters. The breath-holding record is 8 minutes, 58 seconds.

  • Blaine with kid

    David Blaine interacts with spectators of all ages on day three of his week living underwater in an eight-foot acrylic sphere in New York City's Lincoln Center.

    Blaine, 33, culminated his stunt at 8 p.m. Monday by attempting, but failing, to break the world record for breath-holding underwater without a breathing apparatus, which is currently 8 minutes, 58 seconds. In what Blaine described from the tank (in audio posted on his blog) as "the most death-defying challenge of my entire life," he also escaped from 150 pounds of chains during the breath-holding finale.

Topic: Hardware

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