Dell Inspiron 11z thin-and-light: $399 Windows 7 PC

Dell Inspiron 11z thin-and-light: $399 Windows 7 PC

Summary: If you're looking for a system in that coveted notebook-netbook gray area -- that is, anywhere between 10 and 13 inches, non-inclusive -- Dell's new Inspiron 11z thin-and-light might do the trick. Here's a look.


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Topics: Hardware, Dell, Laptops, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows

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  • Thin and Light???

    Thin and Light, how do we know? Not anywhere in this story does it say
    just how thin and light it is.
    • Click on the story link.

      From the story, "At 3-lb. and 1-in. thick, this Dell sports a 1.2GHz Celeron 723 processor"
      • "Thin and light" for sure!

        That CPU sure is thin and light considering the
        hefty price Dell demands. I don't understand how
        Dell gets away with charging so much for so
        little. I've been doing a lot of comparison
        shopping here in Taiwan, and Dell is one high-
        priced PC on this side of the Pacific. I wouldn't
        touch one, but back in the good old days when Dell
        was just starting out, they made outstanding PCs.
        I loved my old Dell.
  • Who said the netbook was dead ?

    Looks a lot like a netbook to me.
    Alan Smithie