Dell's Zino HD

Dell's Zino HD

Summary: It seems to be no secret that Dell is slowly taking on Apple. First we saw the Adamo XPS, Dell's take on the MacBook Air, and now we see a Mac mini clone - The Inspiron Zino HD.


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Topics: Laptops, Dell, Hardware, Mobility

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  • great idea but stupid follow through

    In today's wireless keyboard/mouse world why would they want to follow apple with a wired keyboard. Come on; for $5 (their cost) they can add a wireless mouse & for $10 a keyboard. Now we are talking a really great device....
  • RE: Zino HD (Dell's Zino HD)

    What? Only TWO ports for USB? Not NEARLY enough!
    Karl K
  • The Back? RE: Zino HD (Dell's Zino HD)

    Did I miss the picture of the back? DVI/DP/VGA? Rear ports? Net? etc.....
    • Ahh...4clicks and 4 typed letters later

      [u]Rear Ports[/u]
      One microphOne connector
      One line-out connector
      One VGA connector
      One RJ45 connector (10/100/1000)
      two USB 2.0-compliant connectors
      two eSATA connectors
      one HDMI connector

  • Just don't know

    Not really a Dell fan, and not so sure they will be around for
    the long term. Dell's last 12 months' revenues are almost half
    again those of Apple, but their market cap is now less than
    Apple's current assets. In other words, Apple (with its modest
    market share) could almost buy all Dell stock by writing a check.