Droid Charge 4G Review

Droid Charge 4G Review

Summary: Droid Charge- 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and Verizon 4G (LTE)

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility, Wi-Fi

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Topics: Hardware, Mobility, Wi-Fi

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  • RE: Droid Charge 4G Review

    Looks like a nice phone. I'm enjoying my Thunderbolt, but this is a great follow up and if the screen is as sharp as the earlier phone, it'll be nice. Almost bought one of those and decided to wait for the T-bolt.

    I went from a Samsung Saga to my Thunderbolt, but I see that Samsung did the same dumb thing in the Charge that it did in the Saga: The charging port is high on the side. It makes it awkward to charge in a car carrier or anywhere else, except flat on the table. Thunderbolt has the same issue, but at least the port is low on the side. Seems like charging ports should be on the bottom of a phone.

    • Charging port location

      @dougtheprguy Huh... See, I prefer the charging port on the side, because it fits in a cupholder better that way, and horizontally in a dock (I've got a Droid.) Maybe someday, manufacturers will offer both?
  • RE: Droid Charge 4G Review

    This looks pretty awesome, and might be my next phone. Anyone going from an iOS to Android can share what they miss the most after making the change?
  • RE: Droid Charge 4G Review

    I see the usual crapware is loaded - nice to see they haven't changed that.
  • RE: Droid Charge 4G Review

    I was a fan until I read the tech spec's. 1.2Gz Duel-Core Processors are out. New Evo has 1Gb of Memory on the chip and 4Gb Memory internal. And although the screen looks nice, resolution is weak. JMO
    • RE: Droid Charge 4G Review

      @dsims7_2000 - if the screen looks nice does the resolution matter?
  • RE: Droid Charge 4G Review

    samsung's icons always make the phone looks lame