Droid RAZR by Motorola

Droid RAZR by Motorola

Summary: The thinnest LTE-capable smartphone around.


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Topics: Smartphones, Hardware, Mobility

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  • RE: Droid RAZR by Motorola

    So who's the genius that decided that the Eye of Sauron would be a great way to market a device with the potential to track your every move and financial transaction.
  • RE: Droid RAZR by Motorola

    Yawn. Another too big, too clunky iPwn clone with the half-baked Blandroid OS, running on recycled 3G... err, 4G LiTE technology. Even the name is recycled. Way to push the trailing edge, Motorola.

    Why am I not surprised to see this coming from Verizon?
    • RE: Droid RAZR by Motorola

      @mnemennth Yawn. Another Apple bigot.
      • RE: Droid RAZR by Motorola

        Hardly. I just don't like things that suck; I've owned 2 Android products and was not impressed, even though I WANTED to be rid of AT&T. Android is the Mobile OS that's ALWAYS ALMOST finished. Why should I settle for a half-baked knock-off at Verizon's prices? I'll keep the real thing, thanks.

        VERY disappointed in the difference between the ad and the reality.