Facebook's ad system: Give Coca-Cola a hug

Facebook's ad system: Give Coca-Cola a hug

Summary: Facebook rolled out its ad system, which combines branding, social networking and some viral buzz.


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  • A good hour or so later. Coca-Cola takes me as a friend. I was starting to get a complex.

  • It's just a tad weird having a brand care about me so much. Here's the info module on Coca-Cola. Apparently high school kids like Coke a lot.

  • Here's where things get strange. Coca-Cola wants a hug. Brand meets friend can be a weird mashup.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Have a look at Coca Cola's profile page...

    Folk are already posting messages on the wall saying how they prefer Pepsi .... its going to be interseting to see how they deal with that... are they going to edit / remove the posts or are they just going to leave it alone..... its going to be fun watching... I now have a new friend ;-)
  • What's the Point?

    Coke is vanilla based, Pepsi is acid based (they both have phosphoric acid, that's not what they mean - they are referring to the base flavor of Pepsi is acid).

    So someone likes peperoni and someone else likes sausage. No one should make a big deal over whether someone likes A over B. It doesn't matter.
    • are u in information arts???

      or as most refer to it, "advertising"?
      communism, capitalism, they both have distribution of resources...what's the point?
      armanu, levi strauss, they both cover ur rumpus to one degree or another, what's the point?
      this is the first wave of an actual web 2 integration. there are subtleties here that people are ingoring...if the "brand" is a friend"--what loyalties does that entail?
      eddie izzard on the topic of how british raj in india was established: "we have a flag."
      that's the part that will be integrating into mattering.
      i've been blogging about this one for 2 months...step at a time.
  • the dumbest use of social networking

    This has to be the dumbest use of social networking software to
    date. Can you believe this? I can't believe this..

    I'm appalled that they'd try such a thing - mostly because the
    advertising model does nothing to off-set the privilege of ultra-
    rich companies.
    • welcome

      Weclome to the USA's social paradigm: das Gro?unternehmen ?ber Alles.
      Liam SWz
  • This reminds me of

    I remember hearing a story where Wal-Mart created a virtual world where people could come on and walk around like you could in second life or something like that. It seemed as though it was a huge success. Walmart continued to push it until someone did a study and found that half of the users were Wal-Mart employees who were just pushing Wal-Mart products. I don't see Facebook being the success everyone thought it would be, especially if this is what they are using their platform for.

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