Facebook's brand new layout and profile pages

Facebook's brand new layout and profile pages

Summary: Announced at Facebook's f8 conference today, Facebook's brand new 'timeline' profile layout. Prepare for a shock.


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  • See here, the option to add a specific, targeted update to your profile, but retrospectively. The great thing about this new timeline is that you can go back and swap, edit and change content. However, as you will find out that the timeline does get a little personal at times -- personal even for Facebook. You can see here that you have the option to add "losing a loved one", which in my books is pushing it too far.

  • Your likes, music and other content that you have on your profile remains the same, still. You can also go back into your activity log and see your 'likes' from years gone by -- seeing your developing tastes in music, events or other things you engage with on the site.

  • Facebook, using Microsoft's Bing Maps, allows you to see on a map where you have used Facebook 'check-in'. There are already third-party applications available on Facebook to do this, but it is nice to see the social network natively supporting a map-view of where you have been and when. Of course, you can categorise and edit your timeline from here, to add other content to your check-ins retrospectively.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • RE: Facebook's brand new layout and profile pages

    So now they're going to mess with the profile page too? What is up with that? I think it totally sucks and I hope FB goes bankrupt because of their stupidity!
  • Not the Half of It

    I listened on the BBC to an interview with an FB executive presenting FB's plans for the future, which include picking up and posting on FB every online activity of each FB user. If this is confirmed, and goes ahead, it will be a gross invasion of privacy, and I, for one, would certainly get out of FB immediately. If I lose the ability to control my own data, to decide what I post and don't post, then what has been a useful means of connecting with people I want to connect with becomes a means of turning my life into 'The Truman Show'. I suspect that I would not be the only one to object to this!
  • RE: Facebook's brand new layout and profile pages

    Zach, it appears from this column that each of us FB users can't even see this timeline, much less react to it, until FB changes one's page -- true? What about seeing the change in the pages of others? (for example, can you see now -- because you already use the new system -- timelines of others?) thanks.
  • RE: Facebook's brand new layout and profile pages

    Wow, this brings a whole new problem to those of us with abusive or controling ex-spouses/relationships and existing restraining orders against them. It's hard enough to keep some people out of your FB and life if they are obsessed with living in the past as a way to attempt to exert control over another. Creative ways such as enlisting mutual friends to remain "connected" to an "ex" of any type has been a particular issue. While I can see the coolness of a timeline, I can not see how I can personally afford the ever increasing privacy risks.
  • New layout just makes it obvious

    Aside from the information being right up front and more easily accessable, these changes just make it more obvious just how much information a private amoral for-profit entity has about us - especially since this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, it sounds like people can go back and edit or re-invent themselves ( of course, any changes will also be of record to Google and anyone else willing to pay for them)