Firefox 4 beta 5 for Android

Firefox 4 beta 5 for Android

Summary: Firefox 4 beta 5 for Android is optimized for tablet devices.


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Topics: Laptops, Browser, Hardware, Mobility, Tablets

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  • RE: Firefox 4 beta 5 for Android

    Love it Firefox is the best browser hands down with Opera coming on strong. Safari sucks, IE is crap, and chrome well its slow and its so ugly.
  • Browsers on Android

    The default browser on Froyo is fast and clear to use but lacks features but does sync with HTC sense.Tried previous version of FF but it was very slow.Hope this version is better.
    The Management consultant
  • RE: Firefox 4 beta 5 for Android

    "Chrome is slow and ugly" Where do you idiots come from?
  • good idea about android

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