First look at Amazon Cloud Drive app

First look at Amazon Cloud Drive app

Summary: Amazon is trying hard to catch up with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, but this new Windows and Mac app leaves its still staggering in the rear.


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  • But, really? I can't just copy and paste from one folder to another like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive? I have to go through this two-step process?

  • That was bad, but this is worse. There's no way I'm going to be dragging and dropping anything to a tiny icon on the taskbar. This is Not going to happen.

  • And, the final annoyance, once the file has been uploaded I still can only get to it via my Web browser. Fail.

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  • gDrive still the winner

    I have spent the last week looking at the offerings of Dropbox and the rest of their ilk. gDrive wins for one simple feature that makes it too easy to use. They added a folder to the tree in explorer. You can drag and drop, or save to and open from, files in the gDrive folder just like any folder on your computer. Nothing new to learn. I absolutely HATE the new TOS that Google has implemented and I will probably not use gDrive and I will drop the Android OS on my phone. They have strayed too far from their original corporate mission of "do no evil" and for that I refuse to use their services any more. I wouldn't trust Google with any of my data even though they made a brilliant cloud service. Kudos to their innovative works.