First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

Summary: Office 365 brings Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online in a cloud service.


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  • Office Web apps allows you to review and edit documents from almost anywhere on any device with a browser.

  • Video- and photo-editing tools are included in Office Professional Plus.

  • Adding a new user.

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  • I like...

    The new look of the administration console.
  • RE: First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

    Looks integrated with Share Point and MS finally going similar look and feel. However, I still feel the clutter that MS is infamous for.
  • RE: First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

    I am a BPOS Partner and am just finding out about 365 through your post. I am finding Microsoft is leaving me in the "cloud." How am I supposed to work with my clients if I am left in the dark.
  • Replicating your mistakes

    More of the insane toolbar real estate grab. How much space is actually left to view the document you are working on... ridiculous!
  • Pay and pay and pay

    The name Office 365 just reminds me over and over that I'd be paying for this EVERY DAY. I can't help but think of an evil Microsoft exec. with a handlebar mustache wringing his hands together saying "We will even call it 365, and the stupid consumers will never catch on."
  • Office 365 vs Google Apps

    Do you really think Microsoft can keep up with the constant development at Google? All that they are doing is taking features that Google came up with, implemented and launched almost a year ago and copying them.

    They don't have unique technology. They are copying what someone else is already doing. This is supposed to be innovation? Yeah right...Try Google Apps "REAL TIME" editing and Microsoft's co-authoring and tell me what is the difference.

    As for BPOS users....HA HA think that Microsoft gives a crap about you? You are HIGHLY mistaken.
    • RE: First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

      @migrationking <br>"Try Google Apps "REAL TIME" editing and Microsoft's co-authoring and tell me what is the difference."<br><br>First, MS's app is native. So if you lose your connection you don't lose the ability to work.<br>Second, your data, and sensetive information isn't stored on a central server which if it goes down, you're fubar'd.<br>Third, Goog's app by nature of being a browser-hosted app, doesn't and WILL NEVER (for security reasons) support the rich clipboard content. Try pasting a image from the clipboard onto a Goog doc, then try in a word doc.<br>Fourth, you're trusting Google won't change their EULA to say they can access your content for targeted ads (like they do in gmail).<br><br>And I could go on.<br>You're comparing apples to oranges.
    • RE: First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)


      Seriously, you think Google innovated with docs and Microsoft is copying that? Have you even seen the capabilities of online word against google docs. GDocs is far behind in terms of functionality and needs seriously catching up.

      And BTW, people like you think google is innovating every day by adding features that should have been part of the offering in the first place. And the best part is that they get to charge users while they are doing it. The first version of GDocs only had cut, copy & paste and they wanted to charge $5 per user to business with the promise that, hey we are google we will innovate and add features but you still subscribe and pay us until we catch up. With docs they are trying the Gmail model, which took them 5 years to get to becoming a decent email client for businesses.

      Please stop thinking of Google any different than MS, ultimately they are in this space for money not for the benefit of mankind
  • not promising

    I don't think M$ can compete with GoogleDocs, especially now. For people who uses cloud storage, GDocs is reliable and already in the forefront. I don't get M$' pricing and how they think they can compete while charging people and showing ads. It is a poor attempt to go against Google, plus there are a lot of open-source collaboration applications (RIP GoogleWave). Plus, to get this Office 365 working well, you'll need a better performance PC and blazing fast internet connection to appreciate all the esthetics, etc. Will they come with an 'offline mode'?
    Even Apple has been there and done that with MobileMe, but at least there is a use for it, for syncing all your media, emails, pictures, etc., and it's also subscription based. Although they don't market it as 'enterprise' software, it's the same idea. M$ has to come up with something more groundbreaking to steal away users.
    My 2cents...

  • Well,

    I agree that Google docs is hard to beat but I think that MS has a strong base of loyal customers that might prefer the MS Office look and feel.
  • RE: First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

    Sheesh! It looks like they still have the same team of morons on the payroll who came up with Office 2007.

    This Ribbon and Giant Toolbar nonsense is keeping us firmly attached to Office 2000 and 2003. The additional features are not worth the price and the added confusion and retraining of our user base makes the new Office products "avoid as long as possible!"
  • Office live

    Add Exchange hosting (as low as $5 a month at some hosting companies) and you have email/calendar/tasks synced across iphone, computer, blackberry and even a Mac. Plus it comes with a FREE copy of Outlook.
  • Office 365...

    I am looking forward to this release - it looks great!
  • RE: First look at Microsoft's Office 365 (screenshots)

    Thank you for good article Office 365
    Office 365 was opened for closed, or invitation-only, testing last fall. Microsoft says more than 100,000 organizations signed on to put it through its paces.