First look at the Windows 8 Metro Map app

First look at the Windows 8 Metro Map app

Summary: Mapping is a mandatory app for tablets and mobile devices and Windows 8 is in compliance with their obligation. Here is a first look at this Metro UI app.


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  • The thing that makes a Map app useful is its ability to give you directions from point A to point B. In this case, I am asking for directions to one of Louisville's most noteworth restaurants, Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

    Images by Mark W. Kaelin for TechRepublic

  • The directions are correct, but as a Louisville native, I would take a route with less traffic. Map apps can't beat local knowledge just yet.

    Images by Mark W. Kaelin for TechRepublic

  • One of the more interesting features Map apps have acquired recently is the ability to indicate traffic problems. It is the beginning of afternoon rush hour in Louisville and the usual traffic hotspots are heating up.

    Images by Mark W. Kaelin for TechRepublic

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  • "as a Louisville native, I would..."

    In our area, I've scoffed when a GPS or map app suggests a route other than what I, as a native, know to be the best route. Then I try the suggested route, and damned if they're not right most of the time!
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