Five password recovery tools to use in a pinch

Five password recovery tools to use in a pinch

Summary: When you've lost a critical password for a system you administer, one of these tools may save the day.

TOPICS: Security

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  • There are three editions of this tool: Standard ($19.95 USD), Professional ($29.95 USD), and Enterprise ($49.95 USD). Only the Enterprise and Professional editions can recover passwords. (Enterprise can even recover domain admin password.) The standard version simply removes the passwords, and it doesn't support the USB flashdrive method.

  • Hash Suite is marketed as a program designed to test the security of password hashes. It's incredibly powerful and offers high performance (one of the fastest crackers available), an easy-to-use GUI, reports and statistics, and all the features of modern crackers. It also works on large number of hashes.

  • This is the go-to tool when you need to recover (or test) a number of password hashes. Please note: To successfully use this tool, you will need to employ a pwdump tool to gain the necessary hashes for Hash Suite to crack. Here is a list of possible pwdump tools.

Topic: Security

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