Fun iPhone and Android Christmas Apps

Fun iPhone and Android Christmas Apps

Summary: In the season of good cheer, how many of these fun Christmas-themed apps have you downloaded?


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  • Android, iPhone

    Compatible with Android and iPhone models, the Christmas radio app is a nifty addition to get you in to the Christmas spirit.

    It connects to over 40 global Christmas radio stations including traditional music, jazz, religion-based and popular cheesy Christmas listening.

    The app developer also boasts connecting to a radio station broadcasting from the North Pole, but I'm yet test the truth on that one.


    (Source: Android Market)



  • Android

    Get set for the festive season with some fun Christmas wallpaper for your Android model.

    This live wallpaper can be part of a fun theme for your device this season -- brightening up your phone with an animated Christmas light display.

    This does require an Android model of 2.1 or higher.  

    (Source: Appbrain)

  • iPhone

    Are you someone who enjoys an excuse to sing at Christmas? You may enjoy the iChristmas app, developed by Light in the Attic.

    Built for the iPhone or iPod touch, it combines a carolling book and carol jukebox with gimmicks like digital mistletoe (maybe it will come in handy, although not the romantic thing I can imagine).

    It contains the lyrics for over 100 carols, and continually updates with new songs. The iChristmas app also works as a music player, so you can listen to all your holiday favourites.


    (Source: Light in the Attic)

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