Gallery: AMD demos 'Shanghai'

Gallery: AMD demos 'Shanghai'

Summary: AMD held a demonstration of its new quad-core, 45nm Opteron processor, Shanghai, on Wednesday at a datacenter belonging to the second largest ISP in Europe, Strato, in Berlin.


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  • After running the original Barcelona Opteron for a time, the new Shanghai processor was powered up. The graphs at the bottom of the screen show there has been a small increase in the power used by the 45nm Shanghai quad-core processor over its 65nm Barcelona predecessor.

    The graph on the right-hand side of the middle row shows the performance of the Shanghai processor (in terms of HTTP requests) has increased noticeably.

    The power-use graph [top right-hand side] shows the watts per request made, which has dropped substantially in comparison with the equivalent Barcelona graph. This is a raw illustration of the energy efficiency of the processor, and how much work it can do for the energy used.

    Energy efficiency is the feature AMD is promoting as a step forward in design. The demonstration appeared genuine, however it was carried out and entirely controlled by AMD. In terms of independent checking, AMD points to the fact the demonstration was performed on a user site belonging to one of the company's largest customers, the ISP, Strato.

  • As the test progressed there was no change in the overall performance figures other than the power increasing very slightly before levelling off. All other values remained stable.

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  • AMD vs Intel

    I try to use AMD as much as I can because Microsoft and Intel are too cozy. Way too cozy and I feel that the ever escalating spiral of technology between the two companies is too "neat."
  • RE: (Gallery: AMD demos 'Shanghai')

    AMD may have had some set backs but there Back in Black and never count them out ! I have an all AMD clocks in just under the top Intel , realy can not tell the difference and the integration is better . After there acquisition its only a matter of time before they pass Intel .'Shanghai' just shows the focus is back on CPU . Also have a Dell Intel quad 4 . Both together cost less then my 486.