Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

Summary: Android 3.0 is focused on giving better performance to devices with larger screens - namely tablets.


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  • The camera app.

  • For developers, Android 3.0 is trying out a new framework created for tablet apps. It will break the Activities of their applications into subcomponents or fragments.

  • Android 3.0 has updated its home screen widgets to offer more types of content and new modes of interaction with users.

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  • RE: Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

    • RE: Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

      @Delvardo Are you mad? Check out the video of this thing it's amazing. The screen shots don't do it justice.
  • RE: Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

    Wel, I liked it. Will it have to play just with dual core processors?
    But in reality, I woud prefer Google spent more time improving their Sync for contacts and calendars with Apple products. What they have now sucks and is causing me to think I will switch to the new iPhone 5 when it is released. There are many others who feel the same as I do.
    • RE: Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

      @Dunc_z iTunes sucks. Android users don't care about iTunes because it's too locked down. iTunes is for "File syncing for Dummies."

      And, no, it won't require dual core processors.
  • hopefully they wont be locked down

    hopefully we wont see the manufacturers locking these devices down so we cant put the latest and greatest firmwares on them. pretty much i wont buy a device i cant reflash. the handset manufacturers pretty much all make me sick. and the carriers too.
    • RE: Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

      @troutsoup XDA will find a way to flash and customize ROMs. I use a Dell Streak locked to ATT, but I'm already running Froyo 2.2 and installed a performance mod even though ATT hasn't released the OTA update to 2.2 yet so those users are still stuck at Android 1.6. 2.2 is so much better than 1.6 it's ridiculous that ATT hasn't updated any of their Android phones. Personally, I think it's an agreement with Apple to delay the Android updates until their exclusivity contract is up next month.
  • RE: Gallery: Android 3.0 preview screenshots

    Now that I am looking it it closer. It looks a LOT like a windows desktop. Just hope it will be something you can "root" around in. Cough "XDA" Cough...
    A. Noid