Gallery: Apple beefs up MacBook Pros

Gallery: Apple beefs up MacBook Pros

Summary: Apple refurbished their lineup of 13-, 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros with faster CPUs, multitouch, longer battery life, and improved graphics.


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  • The new MacBook Pros feature multitouch.

    Credit: Apple

  • Ports available on the new MacBook pros.

    Credit: Apple

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  • At least they are....

    At the very least, these things are sexy to look at!
  • RE: (Gallery: Apple beefs up MacBook Pros)

    At least use pictures of the aluminum unibody MacBook Pros, not the white plastic unibody MacBook...geez.

    After the first's all white MacBooks.
    • NEVER will you see ZDNet give Apple any respect

      The similarities between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro are so subtle,
      they don't get it here.

      I mean, they both have a keyboard, a screen and aren't black. How's a
      geek supposed to know the difference?
  • actual use

    if you actually use a mac you don't need to be sold on one, you already know what a great product it is.
  • What they shoul do

    is enable AHCI in bootcamp. Seems silly that they wouldn't.

    Now, I could either yell and threaten, but that would be useless. Steve said so himself. But then, he kinda is on record yelling and threatening (think Adobe and Flash from ~6 months ago...) so it's all good either way.
  • OS X Lion July offer or dangling cheese before the mouse?

    Now that half the month has passed, one wonders: ?which July does apple?s promised marvel show up??
    • RE: (Gallery: Apple beefs up MacBook Pros)

      @kro1 ? I should have checked the dates on previous posted blogs. It looks that I may have waisted my breath by posting my comment to this DEAD conversation log.