Gallery: Apple reveals the iPad 2

Gallery: Apple reveals the iPad 2

Summary: Apple held a gala press event where it officially showed off the iPad 2.

TOPICS: iPad, Apple, Mobility

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  • Jobs opens the event with Apple success stories from the past decade.

  • Jobs, who is currently on medical leave from Apple, was a surprise at the event.

  • The iPad 2 is officially official. At first look, the iPad 2 doesn't look much different from the original iPad.

Topics: iPad, Apple, Mobility

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  • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

    His chest especially shows how thin he is. I really hope he gets some good news from the doctor soon.
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      Sheesh...I sure don't mean to be morbid, but Steve does not look well. I wish him well.
  • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

    The photo says the Ipad2 is thinner, but it shows a picture of the old iPad at 8.8mm and the new one at 9.3mm?
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      @SlithyTove The new iPad is 8.8mm while the old one is 12.7mm. That's actually a comparison to the iPhone 4, which it is actually thinner than.
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      @SlithyTove Thanks for pointing this out. The new iPad 2 is 8.8 mm thick, the original iPad is 12.7 mm thick, and the iPhone 4 is 9.2 mm thick.
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      @SlithyTove 9.3mm is iPhone 4 and 8.8 is iPad 2.
  • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

    What a way to sucker the Apple fanboiz, haul out the walking corpse to announce Apples newest rippoff, and the arrogance of St Jobs claiming the iPad as the first tablet. He forgets when he wasn't CEO that Apple tried to introduce a tablet called the Newton, Microsoft did the same unfortunately the units surpassed the hardware of the time. There are several tablets that were available years before the iPad but they were geared to the corporate world and ran a version of Windows, Jobs may have developed a consumer version of the tablet but like all Apple products they are glorified toys who's sole claim to fame is that they play simple games, can act as a GPS, can read mail, but not translate all web sites they are good for watching movies which consume most of your data plan. The only difference between the Newton and the iPad is that one is in color. The iPad 2.0 delivers even less yet ZDNet and all the PC magazines will be falling all over themselves trying to win Apples' advertising dollars, too afraid to call crap what it is, CRAP.
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      You and I have differing ideas of what crap is. To me it's something disgusting, but according to your comparison crap is something positive; operates better than the competition; is top of the line; attractive; and a real trail-blazer.

      I'm one of those old timers who has owned every device (plus more) that you mention. I haven't purchased an iPad yet but I do realize it's far ahead of any of my older devices... it actually kills most of the arguments people have held for not owning a device where you interact with the screen.
      • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

        Sorry, but it doesn't. I would venture that most people who don't have one yet either have no use for one or can't justify budgeting one. Every touchscreen device I've seen looks nasty and has greasy fingerprints all over it.
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      @Rndmacts Good, you won't be buying one. Then we can listen to you wine about other things you hate as well.
  • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

    Will not buy any iPxxx I cannot easily remove/replace the battery. LiON type batteries are only good for maybe 2yrs.

    Cannot do USB nor read PDF's = no go for me!

    Sr. Eng, MS-EET
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      @Kuby Actually it reads PDFs just fine, and for ~$20 you can buy a USB adapter if that's what you want.
    • RE: Gallery: Apple's iPad 2 event

      @Kuby, the batteries are not LiON, they are LiPO (Lithium Polymer). Do your homework.
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    I own a Windows laptop, but have both and iPhone and an ipad. I will be getting the iPad2. If you've used an iPad you'll realize it does some things so well and intuitively that it's the best device for the job - showing photos (content consumption) for instance. However it will not replace my laptop for content cration.