Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve

Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve

Summary: At the Airventure 2009 air show, Virgin Galactic chief, Sir Richard Branson, showed off its mother ship, WhiteKnightTwo aka VMS Eve.

TOPICS: Telcos

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  • Spaceport America

  • Spaceport America

  • Diagram of Spaceport America

Topic: Telcos

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  • Miles?

    Probably should be 50,000 feet, not miles.
    • miles/feet...details..

      Oh come now....should a *ahem* writer/journalist check such silly details like that....nobody cares about accuracy do they?? ;-)

      Wow....sure wish I could get paid to screw up!!
    • I think they mean 50 miles

      Definition of the edge of space is debatable, but most place it at about 300,000 ft, which is about 49.4 Nautical miles (1Nmi = 6076 ft)!
  • RE: (Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve)

    280 dollars???
  • RE: (Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve)

    50,000 miles above the earth?? I think not. SpaceShipOne was required to pass 328,000 feet to capture the Ansari X Prize -- about 62 miles, not 50,000. For more accurate information about SpaceShipOne/Two, check out
  • If it could get to 50,000 miles up on a single tank...

    I'd be buying stock right now.
    Ad Astra
  • RE: (Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve)

    With URS/Foster designng hanger/ terminal Branson has a real treat instore.
  • RE: (Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve)

    "A model of Spaceport America, home to Virgin Gallactic's space operations." <-- Money waster much? Complexity of building from 0-100? I'd have to say 90%!
  • RE: (Gallery: Branson takes off in Eve)

    Is "VMS EVE", by any chance, a reference to the Extensible Vax Editor that used to run (and probably still does!) on the VMS operating system?